I read the kind of article recently that never fails to exasperate me. 

Following a study of thousands of female undergraduates at Universities all around the UK, it transpired that 35% of them would give up a year of their lives if they could change their body. Sacrifice a whole year of existence for a body change.

Of course, there are some things we can’t change and that can be frustrating. We can’t just be seven inches taller and an Ectomorph body  isn’t going to become a Mesomorph.


And let’s face it there’s no point worrying about something you can’t do anything about.

But it turned out these girls weren’t after the unattainable. Far from it. They wanted , on average, to be 6kg lighter. That’s it. Just a simple weight loss, shape up proposition. But they are apparently happy to instead shed 365 days of their existence for a quick fix. Crazy!

Here’s an idea – Don’t give up anything (unless of course it’s fags and daily intakes of processed foods), least of all a year of your life!

Instead, take up something and apply it for a few weeks and you will start to see the body emerge that you crave.

Mind and body

But perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised here. The barrier to a persons ideal body, or even an approximation of it, is the mind.

Unfortunately all too often mind and body seem to exist at diametric odds when it comes to this!

female body image_2

And it doesn’t help when you hear the kind of conversation I’m sure we’ve all heard broadcast over-crowded rooms, on trains, planes or buses – “Honestly I’ve tried every exercise going and nothing makes a scrap of difference”.

And then just to cap it all with a final flourish they declare they’re better off enjoying their fags and drink and not wasting their time.

There are a couple of reasons why this makes for painful listening. Firstly it is of course wildly incorrect in every assertion.

Yet more damaging than that blast of ignorance is the effect it has on those caught in its scatter gun line of fire.

People who might not know much about exercise but have been toying with the idea of giving it a go – one ill-informed ‘sermon’ can put 10 people off immediately and those 10 are likely to tell their reluctant but curious pals, and in an instant we have huge numbers of people denouncing exercise as an uncomfortable and expensive waste of time.

The power of the words

“My friend Edna says the whole exercise thing is just a con, and she should know she tried everything!”

And therein lies the problem. It isn’t about trying everything. It’s about doing a few proven things properly, consistently and hopefully enjoyably.

Driving a lot of cars won’t make you a racing driver, but learning to drive a good one well will give you a chance.

I know people like to intellectualise and make things sound tremendously complicated and impenetrable, and the health and fitness industry can be as guilty as any. But lets not make this any harder than it has to be.

There are a number of principles that are physiological and biological fact. If they are applied and followed properly, the results will follow.

Find out how to achieve those results in Part 2 of ‘The Weight-Ing Game’ tomorrow…

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