Life as we knew it just a few weeks ago has changed almost beyond comprehension. Entire nations have been shut down by Covid-19. We are isolating and insulating and many are probably internalising.

People might now find themselves with more time and space to sit back and think, to evaluate and maybe look at things a little differently.

And are we happy with our thoughts? What do we expect from life?

We go through life expecting the world to function the way we feel is right and we want people around us to behave as we want them to behave. But do we always behave as we want to behave ourself?

Do we do all the things we promise ourselves we would do? Probably not. How many of us even stick to a New Year’s resolution? Do we start that diet or workout tomorrow, or next Monday, and stick to it as we assured ourself we would?

Do we go for our dreams with concentrated effort? Do we try our best to reach our goals with absolutely everything that we have in us?

Or do we feel trapped?

Does it feel like people in our life are preventing us from achieving our full potential? Do we feel like we need to take care of others before we can move forward? Feel like we have limitations? Lack of resources? A painful past, unpredictable future, depression anxiety…?

No matter how bad the past has been, it is over. No matter how hard we try to control the future, it remains unpredictable. The only thing we can do therefore is to live in the only time that really exists. Now! This moment. We can

Excuses are easy to make. Blaming our circumstances is just one way to make ourselves believe we are victims. We identify ourselves with our past and become this person. Where your life is right now is not who you are. It is simply where your life is right now.

What would life be like if you acted like you were more courageous?


Courage to let go, the courage to love, the courage to do what feels right in your heart, the courage to go for your dreams. Act on this courage…for you!

Your life deserves a concentrated effort!

What’s the benefit of not giving 100%? Not expressing more of you? Not giving yourself the best chance? The only possible outcome of that is NOT being the best version of yourself and NOT accomplishing what you are capable of.

Don’t let your life lead you based on your circumstances, your circumstances are not you… it’s just the way things are and you can influence and affect them. And don’t be limited by lack of resources, there is always a way. We have the power!

Throughout the entirety of history, inspiration has often come from desperation

There is an expression; “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and necessity and trying times are often in close proximity.

These are difficult times for families who are separated, businesses struggling to stay afloat, people wondering if they will still have a job, social life has stopped, sporting pursuits have shut down, fitness activities in gyms and leisure centres have ceased. Many people feel trapped at home. This is a difficult time mentally and physically. But it can also be a useful and positive time. That is up to us.

Is this your opportunity to take stock, to reflect and to make plans for the post-coronavirus world and a ‘new normal’?

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