So how are you feeling today, as you sit there reading this article? Are you relaxed and happy? Is everything alright with your world? Or are you reading this because you need a 5 minute ‘Me Time’ because you are stressed?

Well as you probably know stress is not good for you. The effects of stress are very far reaching. It can and will affect your health, your life, your work, your home life and relationships. In fact there’s not much that stress, once it takes hold, won’t affect.

So let’s take a look at it shall we?


Stress comes in two forms which I’ll call good and bad!

The good is what we call adrenaline. When you’re excited to be doing something and rushing to catch a plane or getting ready for a date for instance. It’s generally stuff you like to do.

Your awareness is heightened, your senses are in top gear and you feel great. You could be at the gym pushing yourself to life those weights or swimming that extra length. The bottom line is it makes you feel good and adrenaline is good.

We all need adrenaline to keep us going. Life needs its adventures and ‘out of the ordinary’.

But when adrenaline turns to stress is when it can start becoming bad for you.

A scenario…

You have a report to write for your boss. And you’ve had so much to do at work you haven’t even started it yet and the deadline is tomorrow.

So you finally sit down when everyone has gone home and you’ve no energy because you had a busy day and you start to write the report, which takes twice as long as normal because you can’t think straight.

So you get stressed. And by the time you get home it’s 10pm or later you’re starving hungry so you send out for some takeaway which is full of rubbish and you have a glass of wine or beer.

Your food comes you wolf it down, you have another drink and fall into bed an hour later having just had a not very good meal and two glasses of wine.

You sleep badly because of the rich, heavy and late meal only to be woken by the alarm just as you really drift off to sleep. Then you get up and start the whole process all over again.

Sounds like fun eh? Not!

Now of course this might be nothing like your life and you might be a very well organised person but sometimes life being life it sends us a curve ball and you do get stressed.

And it can affect everything.

effects of stress_2You can see from my example above how you tend to heap one action on top of another. The working late, the eating badly, the alcohol, sleeping badly. And as I say it might only happen occasionally but it will affect you long term.

And don’t kid yourself that you’re only 25 or 30 or 35 that the effects won’t start showing. As you get older and more ‘used’ to this way of life your body will start complaining more and more.

Stress is not good for you. The effects can be long lasting. Your health can suffer and that will in the long term affect everything else.

So you need to change it now. And I suggest the following.

Firstly I am very aware that if you have a high pressure job there are going to be times when stress will hit. But if you know how to control it that could be extremely beneficial in the long term.

So as my whole philosophy is based around “Me Time” (I wrote a book about this very subject last year, and my weekly program which can be found online goes out on a Thursday).

Please check it out here. I’m also about to publish another book called The Simple Truth about Me Time.

Me Time is the very opposite of stress

It’s a way for you to combat those stress moments. And you can do it even in the office or at home when things are getting to that stage where if you had a knife you’d kill someone!

Or hopefully even before you get to that stage!

It’s so simple. Just breathe. If you’re in the office and there’s nowhere quiet to retreat to, go into a toilet cubicle and close your eyes and just breathe. Take 3 or 4 deep deep breathes.

That’ll definitely start the quietening down process. Just give yourself the space to just ‘be’. Not think, not read, not play with your phone, or laptop, or any other device. Just sit still and breathe. Focus on your breath.

Five minutes should do it. Come out of the hiding place and get on with life. Until the next time.

It’s not the situation its’ how you deal with it.

The most important thing to remember is that in the greater scheme of things, this situation will pass, nothing remains the same.

Your health and life are the most important thing and if you don’t take care of yourself, if you treat yourself badly, your body will treat you in the same way.

Five minutes a day taking some Me Time could be the answer to a whole new way of being.

Because you are after all a human being not a human do-ing!

Remember that and be nice to yourself, not by eating junk or smoking or drinking to excess and sleeping badly but by taking some time for yourself. In the long run you know you will end up the better for it as will all the people you come into contact with.

Good feelings are like ripples in a pond.

As you start feeling better, your temper won’t be frayed, you’ll not be lashing out on those nearest and dearest (and even the people in the office!)

You’ll be nicer to be around and have around. You’ll look better. You might even start smiling. Your health will definitely improve (and maybe your sex life will too!)

All because you’re taking the time to look after yourself. Taking a little Me Time each day can certainly help cure the effects of stress.

Give it a try, after all what have you got to lose?

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