Continued from Part 1 of Mindful Meditation

Set yourself a task or a goal

Say you’re looking to improve your business and you need to be making some calls to new prospects.


Well, you set your intention and write your goals, those goals being what outcome you desire and by when.

Then you write down exactly how you intend to achieve the goal.

So your goal is to earn an extra x pounds (or national equivalent) a month and you intend to get this money by making more calls (be specific). How many calls do you need to make in order to get the appointments to turn the appointments into new business?

Then you go about making those calls.

However what you must also do is listen to what the Universe wants you to do. For instance it might point you toward some networking events or exhibitions, somewhere you might meet new people and make new contacts.

Let me put it in simpler terms. You’re going to a meeting and it is in a place you’ve never been before.  So what do you do?

Set your satnav

The meeting or area is your destination (your goal).

The Satnav is the Universe.

Now when you get in the car and the Satnav says turn right you don’t suddenly think “Oh I know better I’ll go left and take a ‘short cut’”. You listen to the Satnav.

Because nine times out of ten if you go ‘your own way’ you’ll get lost, caught in traffic jams, arrive late, you won’t be able to find a parking space… 

And the consequence could easily be you’ll miss out on the business because the person you’re meeting is a stickler for timekeeping and isn’t impressed by your late arrival and dishevelled appearance.

mindful meditation_3So that’s why, once you’ve written your goals and intentions, if you listen to the Universe telling you which way to go, you’ll arrive smoothly and things will go well.

We all have this ‘intuition’, a voice inside that guides us

You just need to learn to tune into it.

Mine is in my stomach, some people just have a ‘knowing’ but we all have it. And that’s what I mean by being one with your mind.

When you know you’re on the right trajectory, the right path if you will, you will be at a high vibration and things will go smoothly for you. If you’re always in a struggle or indecision then life will get complicated because your vibration is low.

The Universe isn’t a mind reader – that’s why you have to be specific and detailed

Remember the saying about being careful what you wish for?  If you don’t cross the ‘t’s’ and dot the ‘i’s’ you might get something that in its generic form could easily be what you asked for but in reality has no bearing on what you really want.

You can do this with anything you desire in your life.  It is knowing, not just what to ask for but how to ask!

Taking 100% responsibility for your actions means you’re out of the victim mode and into being one with your purpose and your mind. Go do it. Set the destination and follow the Satnav… And enjoy it!

Happiness is not a destination it’s a way of life and once you get that, life will be a lot smoother.

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