When I saw this topic appear with WatchFit I knew that I had to put my thoughts down on paper about this subject which we are passionate about.

Having been privileged to have been able to change hundreds of peoples bodies we have seen a lot of transformations out there.

Transformation motivation

We have been brought so many body transformation pictures when we have carried out consultations with clients saying that want to recreate what is on the image. They are often desperate to change their bodies, to lose weight, or get ripped.

The pictures that people see are taken as gospel, the aesthetics of what they see is what they want to achieve. Already the pressure is on someone to recreate that picture perfect photo.

If they did it, then so can I!

Pictures pose pressure

If all you are looking for is to transform your body that’s great…stick with those pictures. They could be good inspiration and motivation for you. However they can also pose another pressure and this is where the full story of a transformation can hold more power than just pictures.

But this is the point I wanted to get to. The point where you see two pictures side by side on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even in magazines and newspapers.

In my opinion some of the images you see on social media, when it comes to body transformations, never ever show the transformation that has happened inside. The real transformation.

This is the danger fad and crazy dieting, crazy workouts, all in a bid to quickly get the body of their dreams. The race to lose the lb’s quickly just like they saw in the photos. ‘That worked for them it must work for me! I need to try this!’

dangerous social media body transformations_2Trying anything

Desperation – I’ll try anything! But you know what will happen; you try that, it does not work so you move to the next thing. Bouncing around more than Tigger on a sunny day! It sends people into a frenzy. We have seen it many many times!

We are all searching for the having the perfect body but it is not usually enough. Trust me I have tried it out.

Firstly perfection is subjective, what I think is perfect to me will be different to your idea of perfect. Having taken part in bodybuilding shows within a bikini division and trying to attain the perfect body, it was hard work.

Not just physically but mentally too.

Interior transformation is key

Having people tell you that you have the perfect body, and comments that “I wish I looked like you,” was all every flattering but inside I was empty. Sure I had a banging body, but I did not feel it, I was always striving for more. The endless endure of being able to feel happy and satisfied with what I had never ever came.

You see what social media transformations generally tend to miss is the transformation that happens on the inside. That is the true transformation, that’s the one that the pictures do not generally tell.

This is what was missing with my “perfect body” I had not transformed inside, it was all exterior.

The transformation has to happen inside, the manifestation of that will show on the outside 100%. The story behind the transformation is what needs to be shown more. Telling people the real truth about the transformation.

It’s not all about the numbers

Nine times out of ten social media is all about the numbers, the lb’s lost, the food to eat, the fancy exercises to do.

“I ate this and lost 10 lbs in a day!”

“I worked out for 30 minutes everyday and lost 1 stone in a week!”

“I followed this shake diet and lost 2 stone in 2 weeks”

And that’s how I got this body! (I’m being a little sarcastic here just for effect.)

But how about the struggles, the pitfalls, the achievements, the challenges, the self belief, and value and confidence that they attained all through the changes they made to themselves not just to their food, or their exercise?

The change and the commitment they made to themselves, not just to change their bodies but they way they see themselves and the way they live their lives and how they inspire the lives of so many around them.

The real people story?

I have some sad news for you, and it may be harsh to hear but if nothing has changed on the inside, your coach or PT has failed you miserably. If that change on the inside truly has not happened you will never be happy or secure in your body and your mind. You will bounce back and forth until you actually change whats inside first.

Thankfully we have been privileged to work with the guys at the Body Transformation Academy – Lazo Freeman and Patrick Rea. These guys help PT’s to become incredible coaches, but not just ANY coaches. Ones who are able to make the change inside, and the results of that are shown on the outside! Lifelong and impactive changes to their clients.

What are you looking for?

If you have ever met someone who has completely changed their whole life from the inside with the end result being shown on the outside you will know. There is a special kind of energy that comes from them.

It really is magical!

The chase for perfection is no longer relevant to them, because they are happy with who they are.

Next time you look at a body transformation picture on social media, ask yourself the question – what am I looking at here – a body, an inspiration, a story or a real person who has committed to change their whole life from the inside.

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