We can all benefit from a boost of confidence from time to time. Even though we may normally feel quite confident in many aspects of our lives, setbacks, stress and negative feedback can have an impact whereby we may wobble a bit and our confidence levels take a dip.

Before looking at ways to boost your confidence, it is important to understand what confidence is and what it is not. Confidence is NOT a bravado front, nor an attitude of arrogance of being better than everyone else, nor is there a need to put others down to make themselves feel better.

True confidence stems from the acknowledgement that you can do the job that you have the skills, abilities and resources to get the job done. Yet, not everyone has solid confidence and the assurance that they can do the job.


Sometimes, people project the appearance of being confident yet the reality is that they are wearing a mask. They put on this mask to show the world that they do have a level of confidence even when they are not feeling it. Just remember when you look around you and at the people you think are confident; they might not be as confidence as you think they are.

Whether you have buckets full of confidence or not, self-confidence is a quality that most people want to have. Self-confidence can be seen and even felt by others and this contributes towards an individual’s success.

That quiet confidence says that you know what you are doing and are able to do the job, without actually saying the words. Confidence can be seen through one’s body language and from the words they speak. To help you soar with confidence in all areas of your life, there are three things you could practice right now to help you.

Three confidence-building exercises

1. Take Stock

Take an honest and objective look at your strengths and at all the things you do well and that you are competent doing. Also, make sure you include your achievements where you are most proud. They can be big or small, work related or personal.

The idea behind this exercise is to help you feel good about yourself. By writing out all of these strengths and achievements, you can review this list to help you acknowledge that you are good at things and you have done things.

Whenever you want to give yourself a boost of confidence, much like when you review your CV before you apply for a job, this ‘confidence resume’ can remind you of all the good things you have achieved and help you to feel good.


2. Act ‘as if’

Another way to boost your confidence is to act ‘as if’ you have more confidence than you actually feel you have. You may have heard of the expression ‘fake it until you make it’, yet, I would like to suggest an alternate expression I have come to learn which is ‘fake it until you become it’.

Take some time to think about all the traits, characteristics and behaviours of confident people. Then, how can you emulate these? Pretending that you are just like these people who have all the traits, characteristics and behaviours will help to take those first few tentative steps.

Then, once you’ve done that and realize that you can actually do what you set out to do, your genuine confidence will grow. Additionally, when you strengthen your confidence levels in one area of your life, you can often feel a positive ripple effect of confidence in other areas.

3. Set Your Own Measures of Success

A final strategy to help boost confidence is to look at your goals and look at how you define success. Rather that subscribing to what other people define as successful, define it yourself. Effectively, it is comparing yourself against yourself rather than anyone else. Plus, you can put this goal and it’s success in the context of your own personal life and your own personal situation, whatever that may be.

When setting your own measures of success, make sure you include smaller stepping stone goals that lead towards the ultimate big goal you have set yourself. That way, you can see the progress and feel good about all your achievements, even if you have yet to reach that end goal. This perspective can certainly contribute towards feeling good about yourself and positive impact on your confidence levels.

Overall, confidence is like a muscle whereby you need to pay attention and work at it in order for it to become stronger. So, go flex some ‘confidence muscles’ and see what a positive difference some attention and action towards building your confidence will be.

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