If more parents knew just how much they influenced their children’s eating habits, I am convinced they would make much better choices to be healthier examples.

Child eating disorders have vastly increased

This is due to direct reflections of how parents teach children to eat. Let me specifically discuss disorders labeled as anorexia nervosa, bulimia and overeating.


Child eating disorders can be eliminated and kept to a minimum if children are loved, are not directly influenced by society, have healthy food options and have parents that also eat well – balanced meals and do not consume too much food (overindulging) and stay emotionally stable as well as not being fixated on weight.

Often the best way to get children to eat healthily and not enhance an eating disorder is to purchase and cook the healthiest foods.

Give them options of what and where

I also suggest allowing kids to be happy at meal times and give them options on where and what they can eat.

When kids are at school all day being told what to do, where to go, how to be, and have strict regimes they will feel less stressed and more likely to try new foods and make good choices when they can just be themselves when it comes time to eat.

Put yourself in their shoes

Also, put yourself in their shoes and ask them what they would like to eat. Your child might not want what you were going to cook and my suggestion is to that is allow them to eat what they want to in order to encourage their independent decision making skills as well as providing food options.

My solution is to make their life as easy as possible and if they want to get up at meal times, stretch, eat on the couch, floor, or bed I don’t see an issue with this at all.

No harm has ever occurred by allowing a child to pick the place where they will eat comfortably and simply enjoy what they are eating.

How to control overeating

Overeating has become an issue because fast food places offer super sized value meals at low costs.

What you can do is control your portions and not caloric intake or eliminate fast food altogether is a much better option.

child eating disorder help_2When you stabilize kids glycemic index, eliminate complex carbs and sugars, you will tend to have slimmer kids and ones who are more focused, have increase mental clarity more vibrancy and less symptomatic.

Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle

I also encourage you to exercise together as a family and get outdoors and spend time with each other doing things you love to do. Exercise burns calories but also keep kids happier and more engaged to make good decisions when endorphin levels are elevated.

Eating disorders are positively correlated with control or lack thereof

When a child is anorexic they starve themselves because they have body distortion issues. When a child feels loved and you have positive self-talk they will also mimic the same behaviors.

Children who are bulimic consume foods in large portions (binging) and then purging (throwing up).

Many children experience depression and changing social behaviors which lead to the control of food consumption and eliminating the excess foods themselves because they feel as though that is the only thing they can control (food).

We can teach our kids to learn healthy ways to freely express their feelings and teach them ways to be happy. I would also recommend not allowing kids to watch TV for hours on end or be negatively influenced by social media.

As you can see there are some very basic ways to be a positive example for your children and help them select healthy foods and eat them in moderation.

Your choices will have a significant impact on their emotional well being in return making them feel good and lessening their risk of an onset of an eating disorder.

Remember what you do is usually what they will do, so be the best you can be and they will want to do that as well.

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