From growing up in a time when you were told to ‘just get on with it‘, to being bullied at school, to being told I was fat and didn’t fit in from a teacher, having a mother who couldn’t stand up to a father, a father who wouldn’t listen, running away from school because I was so unhappy… Probably not surprising I allowed my life to be governed by the thoughts in my head.

I got a job in a big ad agency and desperate for affection I had sex at the back of an office one evening. Of course I got pregnant (ironically the only time on my life I did ) I had a termination (paid for by my parents, my mother cried a lot my father was furious with me.

Suffering depression in my early teens, I attempted suicide at 16


Then to make matters worse my father (who I adored) became terminally ill with a brain tumour and died. I was 17 and my dutiful mother then became her mother’s servant.

So I left home and continued living in my head with thoughts of inadequacies, not being good enough, feeling inferior, more attempts at killing myself, drifting into useless jobs.

Why am I telling this most personal stuff?

I’m telling you this not to illustrate what a terrible time I had (I’m very aware there are a lot worse stories than mine) or to gain any sympathy but to impress upon you how your mind can ruin your life.

It ruined mine for years.

I won’t bore you with the details.

I met a lovely wonderful man and for a while things were great. We were best friends. We got married. Life was good. Until he decided to start his own business and go ‘into partnership’ with someone. The business collapsed through clients not paying. Our home was mortgaged for loans to the bank and this being the mid 80’s I lost my home because we couldn’t sell it.

Gradually things got worse and we ended up divorcing.

Again my mind did me no favors. I spent five years on my own. Again drifting into jobs that had no real potential for my long term benefit. Being very lonely.

Then I met someone else and the first year was great! And then it wasn’t.

And I started, finally, to wake up and realize I couldn’t live like this anymore.

So I did something about it!

change your mind_1

Luckily for me there was the internet and I started reading and learning and finding out how I could change my mind, how I could change my future.

Because one great thing I learned was that your past does not equal your future.

It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. It’s what you allow to happen today – and thereby create your future.

I read something the other day about if you’re unhappy you’re living in the past, if you’re anxious you’re living in the future, if you’re at peace you’re living in the moment.

And trust me I know how difficult that is!

I have been there and I know how difficult it can be, but when you realise you don’t have to be fixed, when you can see how great you are, warts and all, that’s when you’re life will change.

Too many people out there will tell you that you need to change, be thinner, have this or that gadget, those clothes, live in a specific place with specific furniture and accessories. It’s all so stressful.

Not bad enough you’re trying to juggle a career and home life, keep healthy (hopefully) you don’t need all of that to stress you even more.

Be youeverybody else is taken“, said Oscar Wilde.

And what has this got to do with the signs that your mind is holding you back?

Well you can see from my potted history how mine held me back for so many years. All it produced was wrong relationships, wrong work, unhappiness, stress.

And if you’re not careful it can do the same for you.

The mind is a very powerful force in your life.

Any thoughts you have about your abilities, your character, your looks, your confidence that are detrimental will bring you down sure as eggs are eggs.

“If you believe you can do a thing, if you believe you can’t do a thing, either way you’re right”, said Henry Ford.

And he was absolutely right!

Your mind will tell you what you can and can’t do because of old experiences. And the only way to change it and the outcome is to change your thinking.

To get rid of those beliefs that you heard as a child, got taught at school, you’re not clever, you’re not thin enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not good at art or you’re not creative, money is difficult to get, rich people are bad, all those beliefs will hold you back – not consciously but they will – I know.

I can help you change your beliefs and move forward so that your mind does not have control anymore. You have the control. You can choose what you think. How’s that for a crazy statement?

I can show you how to do it and change your mind – so that the signs that your mind is holding you back becomes thoughts that move you forward,

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I so look forward to helping you – please don’t waste the years the way I did

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