Mental strength involves one’s ability to overcome obstacles and persevere through difficult times. What you say and what you think during your day forms your mental state.

Building mental strength can be improved with small shift in thoughts and habits.

Let’s take a look six things mentally strong people avoid, and what they do instead!


1. Saying “I have to”

Saying “ I have to” can immediately bring up internal resistance to getting something meaningful done. Your mind knows that you don’t have to do anything. Instead, change the wording here to “want to” and the message and likely response improves.

Saying “I want to” can immediately open up your mind to opportunity and extra energy.

2. Saying “I can’t”

Even if you truly “can’t” right now, this language also shuts down energy and your mind’s ability to find solutions. It cuts off the possibilities and leaves no space for future hope of achievement.

Instead, saying “I can’t yet” leaves room open for opportunity!

3. Saying “Yes” to everyone

Sometimes setting boundaries is as simple as declining an invitation for an activity you’re not interested in. Sometimes it is a bit more painful, especially if you are in relationship with someone, and you feel like the relationship is not healthy.

In any circumstance, mentally strong people know that saying no is often best for both parties well-being.

The margin you allow in between activities gives your mind chance to reflect and restore.

building mental strength_24. Placing others on a pedestal

Mentally strong people are not looking at others and judging their rank. They are consumed with what they are doing themselves.They look toward mentors and coaches who are helping them get to the next level.

It may be helpful to look at another person for some inspiration. But if you feel like you could never do or be like they are, remember their road was almost certainly riddled with similar challenges as yours.

Placing them above you in your mind, will only lead to you feeling less than capable of achieving your own dreams.

Focusing on past failures

We know what has happened in the past.

But do we want to live there?

If you live in the past you will stay stuck, but if you look toward tomorrow you will move forward. Your life goes the direction your mind goes.

Picture your future success right now, and you will bring yourself towards it.

Fearing success

Sometimes we are more scared of success than of failure. Success brings the challenge of change. Change is scary and therefore success is often seen as scary.

But mentally strong people know, the only way to build strength is through change. If you change what success means for you into a positive feeling, you will lean towards that image.

Mental strength is much like physical strength. You must practice it in order to achieve it and to keep it. Try these small shifts in your language and your thoughts, and watch how your mental strength improves!

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