I admit it. I used to be a reckless driver. I used to speed like crazy, cut people off, race, tailgate and other things that I’m not proud of. I got lots of tickets, my license was suspended twice and I spent so much money in fines.

People would tell me I was crazy. Some told me in a nice way that I should change how I drive. Others would demand that I slow down. That would make me mad, and I’d do it even more. I wouldn’t change how I drove because I knew I could control the car and I had the power over it.

Eventually something really clicked in my head

I was in my “awakened” stage when I got it. It took only three events to get an epiphany, once while driving alone and twice with my brother. Even though I have amazing driving skills, coming from Mexico City, I finally understood that it was something supernatural that allowed me to survive without having a serious accident when I could have killed my brother and myself.

It didn’t matter who told me, how they told me, when they told me or why they told me, I could not have changed until I was in my awakened stage.

That was when I made many drastic changes to my life that have led me to happiness and success

Breaking bad habits is the key to moving on and evolving.

A couple of weeks ago I met an old client by coincidence in a parking lot. She had gained weight since the last time I saw her. She was telling me about what had been going on in her life. She told me that she had had two heart attacks and that it’s a miracle she is still alive.


Since I know my story, I can relate to other people changing. It is not an easy task, and no matter who tells them, how we tell them, when we tell them and why we tell them, it is not going to happen overnight. However, the hope is there. This is the reason why I never give up. My job is to guide people to a better life.

To make the story short, I told her that she has a third opportunity to change her life. I asked her why she is living life, and like many others, she didn’t have a concrete answer.

Some live because they have responsibilities, children, a job, a spouse or bills to pay, or they are attached to other people, but they don’t have a specific goal. This is one of the reasons their life is destructive. They don’t have a real motivation to live and strive for better.

I used to be there. I risked my life so many times in gangs, driving, alcohol, supplements and other risky behaviors

Oftentimes we are in danger and other people can see it, but we opt to repeat the same behavior until we suffer the consequences. Learning this led me to a conclusion.

breaking bad habits_2

In this past week, I assessed one of my clients and designed her weight-loss plan. She asked a very valid question about her plan. Like many of us, she likes a glass of wine every day. But she also really wants to lose weight. So we started to talk about wine and make conclusions about why she was drinking.

I asked if she wanted to discuss it. We find out she drinks because of stress. Therefore, she was covering other issues that can be resolved by other positive behavior. She asked, however, “Is wine really bad?” I answered, “I don’t think wine is bad. You decide what is more important to you, losing the extra weight or drinking.

“I don’t think a glass of wine every day will kill you. I have met many people who drink a glass of wine daily and live past 80 years of age. However, you have a goal, and let’s say you drink a glass of wine every day. That’s 7 glasses a week, 28 a month, 336 a year and 1,680 in five years. You have a goal, and you are very committed to losing weight, and each factor can add up to make it difficult or impossible. It is your decision if you want to get there quickly or you want to slow down the process.”

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results

I love to help my clients. They have tried to lose weight before. Sometimes they want to lose weight by keeping the old habits that are contributing to weight gain. But breaking the cycle of doing the same things over and over again will yield different results.

I have no idea if you are in your “awakened” stage or if you are going to ignore this. But the truth is that I am very happy I am alive. Nevertheless, I’ve wasted a lot of time doing the wrong things. I really wish I could go back and avoid all my mistakes. But now I learn from other people’s experiences as well as my own.

My goal here in this article is to give you the idea that you can change your ways to a better life and that it’s your choice. You can start today before it’s too late. Recognise what is wrong and start breaking those bad habits.

Repeating the same bad habit thinking that your life magically will improve is insanity!

Committed to your happiness and well-being

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