Having amazing confidence will allow you to achieve almost anything in life.  Unfortunately, each and every person suffers from thoughts that pull us down and therefore influences our energy and confidence.  It’s especially easy for women to feel self-conscious about their bodies, as we fluctuate so much hormonally.  One day we are rocking the skinny jeans, another we are holding water and don’t fit in anything we own.  When we aren’t feeling our best, it can affect what energy we exude.  If you are struggling with body confidence, here’s

10 crazy amazing body image boosters any woman should know, including you!

 1. Shoulders back, head held high

Your posture is one of the first things people notice about you.  If you are slumped over and carrying yourself like you don’t feel great about yourself, others will pick up on that energy about you.  Even if you aren’t feeling the most confident, pick your shoulders up, put your head high and carry on like you are feeling amazing.  Chances are, you will feel amazing.

2.  Look into your eyes

You might feel self-conscious from the neck down, but there are still a whole lot things about you to love.  Look yourself dead in the eyes in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are and you love yourself just the way you are.  Not only will this step affirm you are lovable no matter how you are temporarily feeling, it will also attract others to you like a magnet that will love you.  When you show yourself self-love under any circumstances, it’s easier to attract the same energy.

 3.  Thank your body

While you are in the mirror… look over your body, even if it is a day that you are feeling not so hot.  Instead of looking and thinking “uh, I wish my hips were narrow, or my thighs were thin,” thank each body part for doing it’s function.  You can thank your ears for hearing, your lips for speaking, your arms for giving hugs, your heart for pumping blood, and your legs for carrying you to your next destination.  Literally go down every body part and thank it for working properly.

4.  Go to jeans

Everyone has a pair of jeans they feel amazing in.  On days that you feel so-so about your body, boost your confidence back up by wearing the jeans that make you look the hottest.  Don’t have a pair of those yet?  Then it’s time to update the wardrobe, which brings us to the next booster.

No body confidence? 10 crazy amazing body image boosters any woman should know

5.  Update your looks

A great body image booster is looking elegant and smart. As a lady you need to stand out from the crowd. You may need to spend some amount of money to add some touch to your wardrobe and make a visit to your local beautician. An upgrade in your looks will definitely improve your confidence.

6. Flirt a bit and accept compliments

Feeling desired and sought after can make you feel very attractive.  By flirting you don’t owe a thing to anyone.  Break a big smile at a cutie and see what happens.  Accept and thank anyone that tells you how great you look.

7.  Drop Down & Give Me 10

Pushups are one of those exercises that can make anyone feel boosted.  If you are feeling weak, un-exercised and just fluffy then a quick boost to work the whole body would be helpful.  Within a matter of minutes your arms will look amazing, your core will feel tight, and you’ll stand taller once you are done.  Just try it.

8.  Go For A Walk

The fresh air and scents of outside can often re-set your mood.  While you are walking, think about the things you’ve been successful at accomplishing, especially about your body.  If you’ve previously lost weight or changed your body and have just fallen off track a little, just re-affirm that you can do it, you’ve proven it in the past.  Re-dedicate yourself and stick to it! Need help? Here’s a a kick-starter plan you might just love!

9.  Smile

You wouldn’t think smiling would fix anything, especially if you’re having a day that you don’t feel the best about your body.  But truth be told, the endorphins will fire and your body won’t be able to tell that you’re not actually happy.  Try smiling or laughing for at least 15 minutes and purposefully find something funny.

10. Eat right

Most women find consolation in food and ends up looking much worse. Eating right would help maintain a positive self image. It not only leaves you looking healthy, but also boosts your self image.

It’s easy for women especially to prioritize everyone else first.  But in doing so, your own needs might not be met.  Focus more attention on working out, eating right, and creating balance.  You’ll have a body image boost before you know it!

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