In Part 1 we looked at the definitions of body dysmorphic disorder, how it manifests itself and what the causes can be. Now lets see what we can do about it…

So how to fix it? 

Well the first thing is if the way you feel about whatever it is, is causing you so much pain whether physical or mental, please seek medical help.

We’re very lucky today because not only are there medical doctors but also many therapists that specialise in helping people become their best. There are literally therapies from A-Z, from Applied Behaviour Analysis to Yoga Therapy.  I have no idea which would be right for you but what I do know is that whichever one you choose will help you on the road to recovery from your obsession, which of course is what body dysmorphia is all about.


My specialist therapy is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. An awesome way of getting rid of the blocks that hold us back.

Often referred to as Tapping, it starts by finding out what is going on, where it came from and releasing them.

Because whatever your body dysmorphia issue is, it all comes down to one thing – you believe that you are not good enough. Because of your nose, your breasts, your penis, your skin imperfections you don’t deserve a good life. You don’t deserve to have love in your life. You are not worthy.

And when you put it like that – doesn’t it look silly? Out of proportion with how you’re leading your life.

So EFT/Tapping starts by looking at those issues that make you believe what you believe about your face or your body, about where those ideas came from and here’s where the magic happens, it taps away to release them.

bodydysmorphicdisorder_2This process can be used on any situation and is wonderful for giving you literally a new lease of life

What it can and does do is not only gets rid of the bad stuff, the thoughts that are holding you back, it puts in ideas and thoughts that enhance you.

You see in the end, and this isn’t to belittle what you’re going through, or to say body dysmorphia is an inconsequential or minor setback in your life. No far from it. I can appreciate how crippling to your whole being this can be.

What I am saying is that it all comes from thoughts and those thoughts can be changed. Not by some namby pamby wishing and hoping but by a trusted process that has been used by thousands of people all over the world to great effect.

EFT is acupuncture without needles. It works. And once you master it (which is super simple) you can use it at home over and over again – as I say on any and all issues that come up in your life.

Body dysmorphia in its worst form can be a killer

I believe that the only way to tackle it, deal with it to ensure you have lasting peace from it is to get rid of those beliefs that are causing it for you. I know you can get the relief (and the release) you need from its horribly debilitating grip.

No matter how old you are it really is never too late to get rid of body dysmorphic disorder.

I was in my early 40s when I first discovered EFT (all those years of feeling unlovable because of my body – what a waste).

I’m now 68 and I have never felt better in my life than I do right now thanks to the process I want to teach you!

Please contact me for an informal chat


I look forward to helping you move forward from the darkness of your body dysmorphia into the light (and life) you so deserve. I Believe in you. Life is too short not to do what makes your heart sing. Live it.

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