Alcohol can be great fun when you’re dancing on a table and singing at the top of your lungs and surrounded by people having a great time. However it isn’t so fun the next morning when you’re cranky, have a headache and are craving a cheeseburger.

Stopping drinking might seem daunting if you are so use to it being a part of your lifestyle, but if you give it a chance you might learn to love it.


There are so many benefits to stopping drinking alcohol, both health-wise and for your overall lifestyle.

1) Save Money

If you stop drinking alcohol you will see an immediate effect on your bank account. Drinking can be quite pricey, especially if you do are doing it multiple times a week at nice restaurants and bars. If you stop drinking, you will have more extra cash for other fun things, or for saving!

2) Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals

Alcohol is a source of a lot of empty calories and it just gets stored in your body as excess fat. Alcohol doesn’t give you any extra nutrients, vitamins or minerals and it also stops the absorption of nutrients from other sources.

Binge drinking leads to weight issues and being sober helps to maintain your health and fitness goals. You might think you can beat the empty calories with exercise but alcohol deeply depresses your metabolism and muscle recovery, decreasing your endurance and ability to convert carbs to usable energy.

3) Be Healthier

Drinking alcohol also leads to poorer health choices. Alcohol consumption has its appeal, but it is also a major contributing factor in more than 60 different diseases. It increases the risk of a range of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and cognitive disorders. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies alcohol as a Group 1 carcinogen.

Long-term alcohol use is linked to the development of dementia later in life. Its effect on the central nervous system makes it a risk factor for high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke. It also increases vulnerability to infectious diseases and Type II diabetes, and can cause nerve damage in large quantities.

4) Better Mental Health

Your brain will begin to heal. Once you stop drinking, that “foggy” feeling in your brain will start to go away. Alcohol can have detrimental effects on cognition even when you’re not drunk. Having at least five alcoholic beverages at one time will affect your brain for up to three days.

Emotions can also be more extreme under the influence of alcohol, there can be a distortion of feeling that leads to depression in some people. Numbness can alternate with bouts of anger, sadness, or regret.

For those with existing emotional management issues, the consequences of heavy drinking can be dramatic and even violent and so quitting drinking can lead to more positive and stable emotional and mental health.

benefits of stopping drinking alcohol_25) Physically look better

Your skin will begin to clear up, and your complexion will show improvement. You won’t look so drained and low on energy. Those dark circles under your eyes will slowly fade. Your facial features and your body have deteriorated from drinking. You could lose weight due to the drop in excess calories and hangover meals.

6) Your body will heal

Everyone knows that excess alcohol is damaging to your body. Quit for just a month and you will notice improved liver function, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar balance. You’ll actually have more resistance to the common cold, and other diseases. Your body will heal faster, be healthier and stronger under the influence of a sober lifestyle.

7) No more hangovers

You will never again have to face the dreaded feeling of a hangover. Waking up sober is an amazing feeling that you won’t get tired of! Trade your headaches, nausea and general sickness, for more  energy and excitement for a new day. 

8) More productivity

You will start feeling remarkably better within just a couple of days of stopping drinking. Your body and mind will both feel like they’ve been born again, and they have! Make use of this extra energy and motivation to be more productive and achieve all those things you couldn’t when you were hungover.

9) Better and Safer Sex Life

Although it’s true that alcohol can sometimes enhance your libido, it also tends to your reduce your ability to act on it. Some people find the idea of sober sex awkward but when you quit drinking you may find its easier and way more enjoyable. It not only can lead to a better sex life, but also a safer one.

Drinking too much also often leads to more risky sexual behaviours. Not only that but drinking triples your odds of getting STD’s as compared to those who don’t drink. It also means you are less careful with using protection as alcohol affects your judgement and decision making skills.

10) Overall, just feel better

When you’re so use to the lifestyle revolving around alcohol, it can be difficult to imagine life without it. There are so many benefits of quitting drinking and the ones listed are only to name a few. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying drinking once in a while, if you give up alcohol you will soon realise it’s not only possible to live without alcohol, but life is far better!

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