It has been just a month since Kalyn signed up with us. She told me that her body is changing, her stomach is getting smaller and her body is getting firmer.

She said she tried different programs and gyms in the past, so I asked her what differentiates us from the others. She answered “discipline.”

She said no one had taught her the power of being disciplined and dedicated. Many other fitness practitioners had put her on supplements and sold her other products, but they never taught her that results will come from dedication.


She also said that she was exercising daily but not seeing the results she wanted, thinking that exercise alone will do it for her.

Exercising is a good habit to adopt, but the problem is when people think it is the only habit they need to embrace. Many people exercise rigorously every day over a long period of time and still don’t see the results they want.

I’m going to give you one of the tools that I use to help people get results

Back when you were in school you probably noticed that there were always a couple of people who shone and were the smartest. Maybe you were one of them. You know why they were ahead of everyone? Was it genetic? Did they have special abilities? Were they born with extra knowledge?

No. The reality is that, most likely, they did something that others did not: homework!

People who get good grades or results do homework. They love to spend their time with productive activities that will help them achieve their goals. While many people are partying and playing video games, these exceptional students are working on getting knowledge and therefore better grades. The reason they enjoy putting the extra time in homework is because they focus on the results they will get.

The benefits of homework are obvious and self evident

So the tool I use with my clients is homework. We come out with a detailed plan that they create and need to perform at home, with the understanding that weight loss and optimum fitness is practiced not only at the gym but at home and in many other areas of their lives.

They take the time to discipline themselves and deliver results.

Any decision made daily will contribute to your goal. Let me say it again: Any decision you make daily will contribute to your goal!

Benefits of homework

So it is very very simple…

Wake up early and set aside fifteen minutes to think and plan your day, every day. Do your homework — plan your exercise routine, your meals, your cooking, your shopping, your chores and everything you can think of. Plan your week, set up monthly goals. Pretend that you have an exam that you need to pass no matter what.

I promise you will see the benefits of homework for yourself, get results, will be more efficient and save time. Try it for a month and find out yourself.

After a month you will see how all the things you’ve done in the gym and at home are contributing to get you fit.

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