The cry baby

We all have that one friend or know of someone that cries easily and some label them as a “cry baby.” It is one thing to be sensitive and your natural state of being is to be emotional, regularly.

However, when we experience hard times and everything makes us cry, we know we have to deal with our emotional baggage before it deals with us.


Emotional baggage

The effects of not dealing with the baggage we carry around can impact our lives immensely, if we allow it to.

We naturally push people away when we are too emotional, have unresolved issues that interfere with our every day living and are not healthy enough to function optimally in relationships and our once happy friendships.

If your emotions are getting the best of you and you are unable to cope with life and how your emotions and feelings come out then I suggest seeking therapy to learn how to express in healthy ways.

Swap the negatives with the positives

There are many alternative you can learn to eliminate your negative emotions and replace them with much more positive ones!

Dealing with baggage from our past that ultimately makes us carry our sadness, grief and unresolved issues that can be really difficult to resolve without a good support system.

I recommend using and finding close family, friends and support groups through church or social media that will allow you to freely express and support you getting better in order to move on with your life.

Address your emotions

Writing down our feelings if very healing and opens our eyes to areas we were not aware we were struggling with. Writing also confirms ways we can cope when the problems we are having and begin to acknowledged them and get out of denial.

Exercising self care, crying, feeling our feelings safely, being alone to meditate and pray, building trust, speaking our truth instead of bottling our feelings and owning our part of things that went wrong in certain situations along with forgiveness will help you to drop emotional baggage that keeps you stuck and unapproachable.

benefits of crying_2When the pain gets great enough for you, you will do something different

A great analogy I like to use with my clients is this – you can only go back to the stove with the same pot holder so many times and after awhile it begins to shrink and eventually you will get burnt.

Don’t wait for people to burn you and then have to use several ways to transform your life in order to get back to yourself.

Learn to take control

I suggest you begin healthy and learn as you go how to properly and freely say what works for you and what doesn’t. This usually eliminates a lot of chaos and emotional baggage along the way.

You have a right to be happy and strong for the right people to be in your life.

Show them you are serious about your boundaries and take the appropriate action to attract those you desire for the right reasons!

I believe in you and know you are capable of having the most loving relationships you desire when you begin to believe it as well. Be great and always be authentically yourself.

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