Many people believe operating an online business is easy, not worth it, fake, hard to do, impossible. Their emotions are all over the place and so mixed and mistaken.

I am here to shatter those beliefs and false perceptions for those who have these negative views with online businesses.

Building an online business and being a business owner isn’t for everyone and I will describe to you a few reasons why.

My hope is you will make a definite decision – after reading my article – and if you are a good candidate to begin building or go to work for someone else if you find you don’t have what it takes to be a successful online owner/ceo.


Building a business isn’t easy and it’s even harder for those that are not ready to embrace the new millennium of online growing businesses. Online businesses are exploding and we are able to reach millions around the world from our own homes via videos, articles, webinars, Skype and posts on a daily basis – and it’s all free to do.

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in the online social media platforms and business growth is – believing in yourself and the willingness to persevere when no one else believes in your dreams, goals, visions, business plans and journey.

You MUST believe in yourself!

This is No.1 if you want to accomplish your desires before anyone else will believe in you. If you are going to be an online business owener you must be willing to be mocked, criticized, made fun of, and told “No” a lot. You cannot give up when you don’t see immediate results. You have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and say to yourself “no matter how hard this gets – I will keep pursuing my dreams and this is why…”.

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreuners make is giving up right before their miracle occurs.

A few facts to think about when learning how to keep fighting for and building your business is this

  • Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before he was successful in obtaining financing for his dream job of creating Disney World.
  • The founder of KFC (Colonel Sanders) was rejected 1009 times before he found someone who would take his chicken recipe (*Google fact website).


If these facts don’t bring you hope I don’t know what else will. Many people cannot stand rejection and give up on themselves before they even have a chance to become anything and change people’s lives in the process. Think about these two famous people and their success stories before you shut down your own idea(s).

I recommend putting up these facts somewhere you frequent and look at them often to remind yourself how possible all of this is – and it’s all possible. You can do this. Trust and believe in yourself.

being a business owner_2

Let’s talk finances

A lot of people don’t begin because they believe they cannot find the way to obtain the necessary monies to open or start a business. Let me be your hope – I have produced all of my content FREE for my online business. I currently serve over 500,000 people on a daily basis with my online materials. I do what I do because I love serving others and I have put in the hard work and dedication and didn’t take no for an answer.

I have honestly built my business and reputation with my knowledge base, foundation of love and Christianity and the power of belief in myself. I am going to begin marketing myself soon but I really have not had to do it because people find me and I offer a lot of value to their lives.

I produce good solid content that helps change people and I inspire others when many are producing negative posts, putting out bad vibes and not engaging their audiences. I am here to encourage to you not allow finances to scare you away from pursuing your dreams.

Learn to rise above and face your fears head on. Crush your goals and get going today in creating your masterpiece – one smart decision at a time.

Lastly, you must be willing to put in the work of building yourself from scratch. I started with less than 30 followers and I am now maxed on Facebook with 5000 friends and several thousand followers beyond the maximum friend limit.

I am a writer and blogger for other platforms that see over 1/2 a million for just one other famous platform. I am here to encourage you that anything is possible when you combine these three powerful tools:

  • Don’t give up on yourself
  • Believe you are worthy
  • Don’t allow finances to stop you from being a creative human being that God has given you gifts to use and persevere through the tough times and know it will all be worth it one day.

If you follow this recipe for success and you really want to build and online business and provide value to others – you will not fail.

This is a fail proof plan for those that are serious about making it happen. You might need to distance yourself from people at the beginning of your adventure until they see the results happening for you and to others. You can and will do it – Joel Olsteen Ministries. Follow me on Facebook to be inspired every day at Kelly Benamati.

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