About two months ago I had a car accident. I was on the main thoroughfare when the SUV in front of me stopped abruptly.

I stopped right behind it, and I was looking in my rear view mirror because I had noticed a car driving fast a couple of seconds before. I knew that the driver behind was not aware that we had stopped, and when she hit me, she pushed my car into the SUV.

The lady in front got a little upset. The one who hit me was worried about me getting angry. I got out of my car and made sure that everyone was okay; then I checked my car. I told everyone that things are just perfect: nothing happened to anyone, and material things can be fixed, while a human life or health often cannot. It could be worse!


After dealing with insurance and all the paperwork, they finally paid me what they think my car was worth.

Keeping a sense of perspective

With the insurance money, I found someone to fix my car. This past weekend, the car was ready for delivery. I got a call from the business giving me the “bad news.” One of the workers did not install the tyre correctly, and the tyre came off the car while it was in motion!

I knew he was okay, and he told me that he needed to fix the damage done to my car and deliver it to me. It would take four more days. I told him not to worry about, to fix it and deliver it when it’s ready, that I am happy he is okay.

be thankful for what you got_2I am very thankful for being alive and having abundance in my life

I am super healthy; my family is healthy, progressing and united, my business of helping people is growing and I continue reaching my goals, creating and helping.

I think one of the factors that keeps me happy is that I am thankful every day for what I have, and I do not focus on the things I don’t have, taking into consideration that I need to progress.

Don’t focus on the negative things of events

We like to think that we enjoy surprises. The reality is that we only like the surprises that we want, but we don’t like the surprises that we call accidents.

Accidents will always occur, and if we take it personally and fail to understand the situation, chances are that we are going to react negatively towards it. The truth is that our perception towards the event is not reality.

We create our reality and suffer the consequences of the reality we create

Therefore, why bring in negative emotions because of an accident? What good would it do if I got angry, argumentative or sad about my accident? Nothing will change. The best action is to focus on the good things and that we are healthy and alive! The rest we can get it as we live, and be thankful that we, who have had the accident, have another day of life.

It is not about thinking positively. It is about making sense and understanding life and making the event work with us instead of against us.

Be happy ☺

Committed to your happiness and well-being,

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