There is a common and well known expression –  “attitude is everything”. And this is best embodied by people who have achieved great things, people with an insatiable appetitie to challenge themselves, overcome obstacles and competition and win. Those who want to do more, be more, go faster, higher, longer. And when they do, others regard them as brilliant, role models, even iconic.

Yet this is no excuse to sit back and enjoy the brilliance of others, to celebrate their achievemetns and quietly wish we could be a bit like them. Let me tell you, brilliance is not a limited commodity for only a select few. Brilliance is within the grasp of every one of us. It is abundant in people the world over all day every day. And yet that is not always so evident to many people. Unfortunately we garner bad habits and sabotage ourselves making it impossible for success.  For many, it has been their demise.

They not only make it impossible for them selves to succeed; they cause endless obstacles for others.


Attitude has and will always be the gatekeeper to success.

We are sometimes too quick to talk about “brilliance”. The fact is that good habits of attitude are equal and perhaps more important than brilliance.  Achieving and accomplishing vigorous objectives cannot occur without them. Good habits, great attitude are the foundations on which ‘brilliance’ can manifest itself.

Lou Holts built a legendary coaching career on attitude by taking over underperforming college football programs, instilling in his players and coaches an attitude of burning desire to win, turning out champions.

His philosophy boils down to six fundamentals as a coach.

The number one fundamental he would tell people, “we are going to choose the right attitude.” “You can have all the talent in the world but if you don’t have the right attitude you are not going to live up to your potential.”

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His remaining five fundamentals to success which he has carried over into his personal life are:

1.      “Take pride in making sacrifices”

2.      “Have a passion for winning”

3.      “Understand your sense of purpose”

4.      “Is to dream”

5.      “Make sure people can trust you.  Let them know that you care about them and that everything you do is based on integrity and concern for them and that it’s built on a foundation of trust.”

Lou Holts’ habits of attitude are exemplary.  He took control in choosing the right attitudes and in his ability to dream the big dreams. While never forgetting, that such dreams cannot be achieved without attention to the tiniest details. He was willing to do the mundane work to achieve his goals. Not only was he able to recognise this and break it down into fundamental keey points that are easy to implement and adhere to in life, he also had the gift to impart this to others both directly and in the written word.

As for those – and there are huge numbers of people all over the world – who are brilliant and have tremendous potential but routinely sabotage their careers, wake up tomorrow morning with “Habits of Attitudes” and set yourself on the path that is stretched out ahead of you to your own brilliance.

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