So do you practice the art of appreciation? Do you appreciate your life?

Or are you a bah humbug and never happy with what you’ve got? Appreciation or gratitude is just the art of being happy with what you’re given.

I don’t mean that if you go to a restaurant and get lousy service you should be happy about that! No I mean more the ‘wake up and smell the coffee. Enjoy the journey’ appreciation. See life!


It’s about seeing what is rather than putting a slant on it.

Once you start practising the art of appreciation life changes!

OK let’s say you’re in a job you hate but you do have a job, the journey to and from home is reasonable and you’re paid well. Well it’s not ideal I know that, but how about changing your perspective? And appreciating the fact you do have a well paid job – and here’s the bit – until you find something else, enjoy it!

Once you start finding merits in the whole situation it will start changing and become better, or something better will turn up for you.

art of appreciation_2It is easy to start appreciating the journey!

Start appreciating all you can do with the money you’re earning. Start appreciating your colleagues who are funny and supportive and like to go for a drink on a Friday night, and the fact that some have actually become good friends since you’ve been there.

It’s not the situation its how you deal with it

So change your perspective! If everyone says the bosses are crap – don’t give in to joining in the bad mouthing trend. You’re just bringing in more negativity in your life.

Start by appreciating that your boss has good attributes and gives you time off for whatever it is you need. I don’t know your situation so I’m just imaging scenarios..

Look for the silver and you’ll find it

Make a list of all you do have in your life. List everything: family, friends, love, friendship, good food, laughter, fun, bbqs in the summer, shopping with friends, cooking, talking, laughing, music…

art of appreciation_3Whatever your thing is – embrace it. Celebrate it.

Start by making a list – start with your house – every room.

Be grateful for the hot water to have a shower in the morning, for the kettle that boils to make tea or coffee, for the cooker to cook your meals, for your lovely bed that gives you a great nights’ sleep. Be appreciative of your health, your body – what a wonderful machine that is!

Think about your body

Think of all the things it has to do. Digest food, make your heart beat, breathe! All this and so much more without you even thinking about it. What else? Your eyes that see, your mouth and tongue that tastes, your fingers that touch, your arms that hold someone close, your ears that hear, your brain, your feet that carry you and your legs. Your smile your laugh – wow all these things to be appreciative of!

Your partner, your children, your parents, snow, rain, sunshine, holidays, Monday mornings that mean you’re alive and well.

As you think of more and more things in your life to be appreciative of you will start to feel an energy, an excitement and somehow these things get better.

Really it’s like magic!

They say what you focus on increases. Focus on the good and that’s what you’ll get in your life. Focus on the negative and that’s what you’ll attract; illness, misery, toxicity in all things.

As I’m writing this and thinking of all those things in life you can appreciate I am getting more and more excited for you. Because I know that once you start practising the art of appreciation your life will improve exponentially.

I’ve done it and I’ve taught others how to do it too. If you start off by writing 5-10 things every day that you’re grateful for, you will notice how miracles will appear in your life.

If you want to improve your relationships, start working on yourself. You can’t change anyone else but you can improve yourself. And once you do that people will start to notice and want to be with you, spend time with you, and that works with work and home life too.

art of appreciation_4Work on your health, on your weight, on your money – by being appreciative of what you already have

Appreciate all your salary can bring you, list all the things you already have in your life because of your salary. Appreciate your body and what it gives you – and it will improve. If you want to lose weight the best diet to go on is appreciating who you already are.

See your body as perfect and it will become like that. Ridicule it or talk badly to yourself and you’ll just get more of the same – extra weight, sickness and lack of energy.

I help people find their truth, their potential and it all starts with appreciating what you’ve already got.

The Universe will not bring you anything more if it sees you’re not happy with you. I can show you how to improve all areas of your life by some very simple steps. What you don’t actually realise is that you do not need fixing, you are perfect just as you are!

Once you appreciate that fact, everything will fall into place and you’ll have everything you want.

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