There are many ways in which you can experience anxiety during this Christmas.

What causes this anxiety?

Some of you will be traveling on this day hence arriving so tired. Others spend half of the day in the kitchen preparing all types of delicious meals making their day so tiring.


You may have set your schedule to visit your childhood friends who live at a walking distance you are not used to. Your body becomes so weary especially if it is a sunny day.

In other cases, some people tend to spend Christmas Eve outdoors and especially clubbing. The following day you will experience hangovers and joint pains since you went dancing in high heels.

The following are ways in which you can deal with anxiety on this Christmas Eve:

Drink with moderation

anxiety at christmas_2Alcohol is a major cause of anxiety not only during festive but also on a daily basis. It causes hangovers and additional stress.

To prevent anxiety this Christmas, avoid alcohol or drink with moderation.

Avoid being lonely

anxiety at christmas_3Christmas is the best time to get together with friends and family.

Make a point of traveling to your home and celebrate together.

This will be one of the best ways to shake off any kind of stress and anxiety that is disturbing you. Family and friends make you to feel appreciated and wanted. If you cannot travel, invite a friend to your house just for company.

Avoid being extravagant

anxiety at christmas_4During Christmas, people spend more than any time of year. They forget that there are bills to be paid and that the Christmas has only 24hours occurring only once in a year.

Spend according to your set budget and do not be enticed by the endless offers all over.

If your budget becomes a deficit you begin experiencing stress and anxiety wondering how you will cover it up. Simply be loyal to your set budget unless you encounter an emergency.

Stay healthy

anxiety at christmas_5Do not take too much junk food since it will affect digestion causing constipation. More fruits and vegetableson your plate. They will keep you hydrated and ensure food is well digested.

Too much roasted meat is not good since it triggers blood pressure.

Take much of white meat especially the boiled since it has no side effects. When your body is undergoing constipation, anxiety and stress comes in.

Avoid known triggers e.g. arguing

Avoid engaging into discussions that do not make you happy. Be silent or keep a distance to avoid getting insulted. Insults can trigger anxiety and stress.

Prepare meals early

anxiety at christmas_6 In case you are expecting visitors ask for assistance and prepare the meals early enough.

Overworking during Christmas makes your body tired and bored. Make sure you have ample time to rest hence reducing any kind of stress and anxiety at Christmas.

Be organized

Plan your day properly and avoid engaging in activities you had not put in your schedules. Do not be driven by a crowd of people instead make a decision and consider your health and financial state.

Learn to say No

Only say yes where required and necessary and where it is supposed to be. Alcohol can lead you to make wrong decisions especially in the presence of friends.

Ensure that you take less or no alcohol while with your mates.

You might end up in engaging to activities that will make you regret the following day. You can find yourself in a season of stress and anxiety due to carelessness.

Create time for yourself

anxiety at christmas_7Your body needs to relax and breathe some air especially during Christmas. Have a time for yourself and meditate about all the activities of the year.

Christmas is an indication that the year is almost ending hence you need to re access your activities.

It helps to set better goals leading you to make a better ending the following year. In case you have made losses, this can be a major cause of stress and anxiety hence, you can make another strategy this year that you will follow.


There are so many activities that make your brain and body experience stress and anxiety.

Try the above tips to ensure that you are able to be fresh and be relaxed. Be in a Christmas mood no matter how the year has been, do not allow to be overtaken by emotions.

Enjoy to the maximum taking caution where applicable. Be yourself since you will suffer mentally i.e. avoid disguising your character and financial status.

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