Faith, confidence, decisiveness and persistence are key virtues you need to reach your goals.

I have met many people who experience the opposite – disbelief, fear, indecisiveness and feebleness – and therefore fall short. I understand why many people lack these virtues.

Life is often often hard, that’s just the way it is. Things happen that we have not planned — so we lose faith.


We don’t think we are capable of creating, helping or making a difference; we don’t trust ourselves. We are afraid to make the wrong decision because we want everything to come out right every time; therefore we make a decision not to make decisions. As soon as something goes wrong and things become difficult, we give up, thinking that it’s always going to be difficult or we are not made to do it; we become less persistent.

We let destiny make our decisions.

It’s very simple: The quitter quits because all of the above are part of his/her personality. It is not that he or she is born with these negative beliefs. It is that he or she lost his or her true self and virtues along the way.

Easier to give up…

This person tried a new sport, business, career, game or weight loss program. It was easy in the beginning, but it got harder. Someone told him or her that she was not made to do it. After trying once, this person gave up. Some people try two or three times, but they end up giving up as well. They never think that by continuing to hit the rock one day it will crack.

They don’t have faith and persistence. Then they lose confidence and become indecisive about the next thing they want to try.

It becomes a negative pattern. 

The truth is that I know you are better than this, and you may fall into the category of the undefeated personality. You have faith in yourself, you are confident, you make decisions even though you know you could be wrong, and you persist until you get to your goal.

You read, try, experiment, pay a mentor, watch videos, model people and change your strategy as many times as needed until you achieve your goal.

I know you know that it is better for you to pay the price of being disciplined than to pay the price of feeling unfulfilling and defeated. You have all it takes to reach your dreams.

If you have the capacity to dream, you also have the capacity of achieving your dreams.

It’s better to die pursuing your dreams than to watch how others achieve their dreams as you waste your time.

how to achieve your dreams_2Therefore, get a pen and write down your goals: lose 20 pounds in 3 months; get out of debt by the end of this year; live a spiritual life by practice; make my relationship exciting starting today; become the best professional in my field by devoting at least an hour each day to learning; and decide to…

Be happy today no matter the consequences, because happiness is a decision, not a state.

Write down a plan and change it as needed. Change your plan, but never change your goal:

I’m eating healthily, lifting weights 3 times a week and running twice a week; I’m saving 20% of my income by not wasting my money on things that don’t matter and won’t contribute to my personal growth, and cooking at home at least four times a week will save money as well. I’m helping the needy with my time, money and advice at least once a week.

I’m telling my significant other that I love her, that she looks beautiful today and attentively listen to what she has to say; I’m learning all the methods and staying up to date about my profession by reading, attending seminars and hiring more capable people; and I’m taking responsibility for my thoughts and controlling my actions.

I’m living the life I want to live and achieving my goals and dreaming bigger as I continue achieving my goals. My goals are like a hidden treasure. I need to look for them, fight setbacks, get lost and find the right track again, but I will never give up because I have developed faith, confidence, decisiveness and persistence.

But the end is not about the goals anyway. It is about the person who I have become, and if I lose all I have made, created or established, I know I can do it again because I have what it takes.

Committed to your happiness and well-being,
 Sandro Torres how to achieve your dreams how to achieve your dreams

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