Many women undergo suffering during their mid-life years; they call it mid-life crisis as it sure becomes a crisis for some women.

Only with great effort and perseverance are they able to handle their anxiety levels, the headaches, depression, hot flashes, insomnia and night sweats among the many other menopausal symptoms.

This definitely lowers the quality of life for such women.


They are not able to concentrate for long, there are irritable, they are anxious and lack sleep due to insomnia, night sweats and hot flashes.

This could even be worse if the family, colleagues and relations don’t understand that the woman could probably be undergoing peri-menopause: it becomes a true suffering.

So if you are having such a hard time with menopausal symptoms then you definitely know you are not alone, there are many other women going through the same challenges.

So what are some of the menopausal symptoms that mark this stage of a woman’s life?

They include:

– Hot flashes

– Irritability

– Dry vagina

– Night sweats

– Headaches

– Low libido

– Osteoporosis

– Anxiety

– Urinary incontinence


– Depression

– Insomnia

– Lethargy

– Weight gain

– Inability to concentrate

– Tiredness

– Fibrocystic breast

– Hair loss

menopause symptoms_3How to relieve the symptoms

Let’s take a look at some of the menopausal symptoms and how to relieve some of them.

Hot flashes and night sweats

These two are characterized by sudden and intense heat that engulfs the body that is replaced by a sudden cool feeling.

These would often come in the night and leave any woman completely wet from sweat and feeling flushed on the face.

It can be very uncomfortable and reduce on the quality of life.

Here are a few ways of living better with hot flashes and night sweats:

– Dress in absorbent night wear when sleeping and ensure the sheets too are absorbent, this will ensure you are more comfortable during the nights.

– Have a fan around in your room that could help when the hot flashes come in.

– Keep some cool water and a cloth around to wipe off during the night sweats and hot flashes.

– Try to find out what triggers hot flashes for you.

Some of the known triggers for hot flashes include:

– Taking spicy foods

– Caffeinated drinks

– Stress and being in a hot place around the time of the night sweat or hot flash. Breathe in deeply when the hot flashes and night sweats set in.

Those still having menstruation could use low dose oral contraceptives that could both reduce on these symptoms as well as act as birth control.

If you are overweight, try on losing the weight as research is linking excessive weight to hot flashes and night sweats occurrence.

Vaginal dryness and apathy

Vaginal dryness and apathy is a menopausal symptom that has the vagina completely dry so that sex becomes painful.

To this extent a woman links sex to pain and thus loses any sexual desire. It could affect the relationship between partners if they fail to understand this situation.

Here are a few ways to manage vaginal dryness:

– Do regular kegel exercises. This involves the tightening and loosening of the pelvic muscles like in the manner of holding and releasing urine. This helps to increase blood flow to the vaginal region, tighten the vagina muscles and ease the dryness.

– Choose on a good water based vagina lubricant that would help lubricate the vagina especially during times of intercourse.

– Vaginal moisturizers taken a few times a week could help keep the vagina moisturized and make sex easier to enjoy.


menopause symptoms_2Lack of sleep is prevalent in many menopausal women.

Here is how to handle lack of sleep:

– Regular exercise is essential if a menopausal woman would enjoy her sleep

– Avoid heavy meals right before bedtime, avoid alcohol, cigars, caffeinated drinks and working just before bed time

– Try drinking warm milk before bed time

–  Keep your bedroom in a sleep-friendly manner, have it dimly lit, quiet and cool.

–  Talk to your doctor for further guidance

–  Do not nap during the day

–  Mood swings

– Ensure you have enough sleep

– Do regular exercises

Let your doctor know so that they can help out before depression and also, watch out for any signs of depression.

– Join a support group

– Memory problems

– Get enough sleep

– Do regular exercises

Check with your doctor for any further treatment.

Don’t worry!

While majority of the menopausal symptoms can be really hard to bear, they are not as difficult to handle.

Start with lifestyle changes like eating right food, doing regular exercises and avoiding anything like alcohol, caffeine and cigars.

In addition, you could use menopausal supplements and alternative medicine like soy isoflavones, black cohosh, and acupuncture among others. In the event all these fail, kindly consult with your doctor for further treatment.

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