We all tend to fall into 4 different Postural Alignments: Ideal, Kyphosis/Lordosis, Flat Back and Sway Back.


Kyphosis is an increased posterior thoracic curve from neutral (a hunched back). Lordosis is an increased anterior lumbar curve (bottom and stomach sticking out). Some people have either one or the other and many have both as in picture B below. Flat and Sway Back postures put undue pressure on the lumbar spine and are usually indicative of a relatively weak core and tight hip flexors. Both of these problems are exacerbated by sitting and slouching for long periods.



When bones are badly aligned as in B,C and D muscles have to work extra hard to keep everything working and motion possible. It is a chicken egg syndrome. Bad muscle alignment can lead to bad posture and vice versa often resulting in a viscous circle of pain and injury as muscles become imbalanced and full of tight knots called Trigger Points.


Sitting at a desk all day whilst looking at a screen can give rise to a Sway Back and this puts a lot of strain on the neck, upper and lower back. Sports such as running can lead to overly tight hip flexors whilst neglecting the core and buttock muscles leading to a lordosis of the lumbar spine. Cyclists can suffer from a hunched back, or a Kyphosis posture, and strain is put on the muscles of the neck, trapezium and rhomboids during long, low riding positions. This can lead to a very painful back over time.

Your head is the heaviest body part weighing on average 4.5 kg (10lbs). For every centimetre it protrudes forward beyond its correct alignment of bone on bone the muscles have to work twice, three times etc harder to support it. The strain inevitably sets up Trigger Points, very painful tight knots, under the extra contractual forces. This can lead to pain in the upper back, neck, head, shoulders and lumbar area.

We live in a society where instant cures are very often looked for via the pharmacy or doctor.

Trigger Point massage works by getting directly to the knots in any muscle.

I believe that needless drugs are bought and consumed, and operations carried out, every day when really what is needed is time, re-education and muscle massage.


Moreover, self treatment involving Trigger point massage of achy muscles and joints can bring relief astonishingly quickly. Treatment generally involves a holding and releasing action over a Trigger Point that lasts no more than 30 seconds and is repeated up to six time a day. Pain and balance is often restored within days or even hours. Then maintenance is key.

By using a short poking and holding action circulation increases through the knots allowing the fibres to release and smooth out.

Muscles instantly elongate taking pressure off bones, tendons and ligaments. Trigger Points are very common near the spine and this can affect posture and alignment overtime. Stubborn Trigger Points and bad postural habits can be more difficult to address so prevention is definitely better than cure.



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