Well, when this blog was pitched to me by WatchFit my first thought was, “Sure, that’s easy!” I’ve been a practitioner as a Clinical Sports Therapist for over 20 years. I know this subject!

In addition to this I taught Sports Massage for my last two years service in Her Majesty’s Prison service to the prisoners (which was really rewarding).

However when I started to write and plan the blog I didn’t know where to start. This is because there are so many amazing benefits from massage, physical, mentally and spiritually, it was hard to break down and organise.


So what I’ve decided is to give you Top 5 reasons to have a massage.

1. Reduces Stress Levels (human touch)

2. Gets rid of waste products (lymphatic system)

3. Helps to repair muscles (increases blood flow)

4. Helps improve performance (ROM)

5. Improves posture (tight and slack muscles)

1. Stress Release.

As human beings we tend to live more and more stressful lives, trying to fit increasing amounts into the same 24 hours. Stress can be the silent assassin; you don’t tend to see it coming.

By the time we see it, or we are told by our loved ones (as we keep ignoring it) it is too late it has got a hold of you and it does not want to let go. It becomes too late and you suffer. This is where massage works its magic. Whether it’s Swedish, sports, Indian head massage or reflexology.

It’s all about the human touch that distresses us. I love it when I get my hair washed at the hairdressers, its just two mins of heaven. The human touch is one of the most powerful things on this earth. Giving that time for you to have some luxury really is good for the mind and the soul.

 2. Detoxing

Throughout the day our body is producing copious amounts of waste products/toxins, which will attack the cells in our bodies all – 37.5 trillion of them. If our cells are not in good health our bodies will be in ill health.

They will not function properly and will be in dis-ease or as we call it DISEASE. This could be anything from coronary heart disease, to risks of cancer and skin conditions. The human body has its own way of getting rid of these toxins, it’s called the Lymphatic System.

This system has no pump to make it work, it relies heavily on us moving to make it work. We can help the lymphatic system through massage. Massage helps drain toxins out of our bodies to create a less toxic environment thus in turn creating healthier cells and reducing the risk of disease.

massage benefits_23. Aids in the repair of skeletal muscles

Whether you’ve got an injury or you’ve just been training, hard massage can help you. From muscle strain and sprains to knots and DOMS. Massage will help your body’s own ability to repair itself.

It does this by increasing the amount of blood flow to the area being treated thus in turn increasing good nutrients, and at the same time clearing out all the waste product like we spoke about in the section above.

It’s not just as easy as merely rubbing the area we are working on to re-line the muscle fibres. When injured or have trained hard, our body will lay collagen fibres down to repair the effected area.

Our body just lays them down haphazardly, it’s when message comes into this the therapist like me can help to reline these fibres.

4. Help improve your performance

Sports people from all levels are finding the benefits of having regular treatments. You see it all the time. Not only does it help repair injuries and get you back training or playing your sport sooner, but it will also help your performance.

If your muscles are free from knots and scar tissue they will function better, you will have a greater range of motion around your joints thus reduce the risk of injuries.

5. Improves Posture

With technology people are spending more and more time in front of the computer and looking down at their phones. I’m finding more people are coming to see me not for sport injuries but from bad posture.

We are becoming out of balance, our bodies need to work in harmony, and if one area is tight and the other is slack then we will have issues. It’s like a chain reaction in our muscles.

Massage will help relax those tight muscles and find out what muscle are slack and need to be worked. In turn this will help you be more aware of your alignment and help with your posture.

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