What I love most about training people is how proud and happy they become of their bodies. That might sound a bit cheesy but it is the truth and I think most trainers would say the same thing.

Why go to a trainer?

Often people go to a trainer when at a self-image low point. They can be mired in doubt and turn to us as a ‘last resort’. Something has to break them out of it and make them feel better and tangible results are imperative to maintain that person’s desire and faith.


For some clients we might be something of a tick box and they feel fitter just knowing they have a PT. For others we are a conversational buffer or someone to moan to – a bit like barmen or hairdressers!

Regardless of the motives and the different angles people come from, those who want better bodies get them. Once the firm intention and commitment are in place the results start to unveil themselves, then there’s no stopping these people. The shape changes and the confidence soars. And that is the real thrill for me.

Body sculpting

Sculpting a body is not fast process and impatience has no useful place in the proceedings. However from years of personal experience and observation people with the poorest exercise history and most ground to make up can expect and achieve hugely gratifying results.

And some of my best examples are amongst those who have hit an age where many believe their best years have past. 40+ seems to be the most written about age for ‘losing it’. ‘If you haven’t achieved that bikini model look by 40 it’s never going to happen’… Not on my watch!

In my area this age group is hot gossip about town. I’m so proud of their application and what they’ve achieved. Outside of our sessions I catch a glimpse of amazing legs on the public tennis courts, lively, shapely and toned limbs darting around, every contour of muscle tone looking great. They don’t just look in good shape ‘for their age’, they are in good shape and youngsters half their age could aspire to them.

Joey Bull on Film_1

I have worked with a few Brazilians and become aware of the intense body culture that thrives in South America’s teeny weeny bikini land! Whether this is dictated by their climate, culture or cuisine their motivation is high and they want to attain great shape with all the femininity intact. Knowing my work is going to be paraded in Coco Cabana or Ipanema, we get shaping for maximum effect.

Our bodies are characterized by genetics that might not please us all. But like it or not these are the platforms from which we have to work. As my own best human sample it has been my task to work with and around my own parameters and achieve the package I am striving for.

My experience

Carving out my own shape to satisfy my various outdoor pursuits, dance,  fitness competition, modelling and presentation work and functional activities made the ideal base for working on others. Before I knew it I was inundated with folks requiring a sculpting here, a chiselling there and a general body moulding.

It was with this experience and after watching too many ‘dress to your shape’ programmes that I thought I should at long last, make a DVD,  for real and natural results based on what I’ve achieved with myself and many others time and time again.

I’d been approached often over the years to make DVD’s (or videos as they were to start with!) but always rebuffed them because I was usually being told what to present. If I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in the programme I wasn’t going to start telling the world about it.

But when international production company IMC Vision gave me complete control over the workout, the content and the presentation. Finally I got to tell everyone what I’ve been telling clients for years!

A nip and tuck without the surgery, a bum lift without the tightening pants, a boyish shape turned curvy, a pear shaped turned hour glass and all the bits you were never too fond of overridden by an improved total package.

So off to work I went. I unloaded a couple of kilos of my own (good job too – wide screen telly can be terribly unflattering!), sharpened up a few muscles and filmed a breakdown of how to make the best of your body whether it is apple, pear or straight shaped.

Also how to make legs appear longer, athletic, shapely and sexy, whilst making waists smaller, arms neater, hips slighter and everything lovelier…. And all so that the package looks balanced, symmetrical and as good as it can get. After all we are stuck with our genetics but there is still much we can do to compensate for flaws and highlight and enhance positives if you only know how.

Whilst working on this another concept was running alongside. As a classically trained former dancer I love my music and movement and took this opportunity to grab my ideas and fuse exercise with ballet. I admit ballet can look twee and uninteresting to many and, even for myself with a ballet history, I struggle with following the ever-so-beautiful two dimensional sylphs bend and flex and point and curtsey.

So, as a three dimensional being I set about taking the best parts that ballet offers for creating a fine body shape and long toned muscles, Not to mention quite a beefy cardio’ section too. Have you ever noticed how refined a dancer’s physique is? There are few better ways to carve a great figure and even my resistance trained leg shape responded differently and better to these moves!

Amalgamating fitness with ballet will spark up the dancer in all of us (although I assure you, you don’t need to be a dancer) along with creating pert bottoms, longer limbs, grace, control and great posture.

We filmed on the island of Lanzarote which is known for its volcanoes and wind. Not the best place for soft bouncy hairdos. Unsurprisingly the wind whipping through my ear drum didn’t help with balancing too well either… so if you spot cotton wool sprouting out of the side of my head you’ll understand why!

The real joy of this though is knowing people far beyond my client base can attain the body they want and be rightly proud of their efforts, whether they be in Brazil, Bolivia or Brighton…

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