It’s not that exercise alone is a bad thing. However your fundamental composition, what your body is made from, comes from what you eat. You eat your lunch and the molecules and energy it is made of turn into you. This process is called digestion. This is why if you go to a healthcare practitioner to lose weight, they will look straight at your diet.

If you look at health from a hormonal perspective, insulin is the commander.

Your insulin levels dictate how other hormones act. You directly affect your insulin by what you eat. Insulin is a necessary hormone, secreted by your pancreas, that helps to regulate your blood glucose levels. When you eat high amounts of sugar (or foods your body sees as sugar such as breads, cookies, cakes, pastas, etc), your pancreas secretes higher amounts of insulin.


When insulin is high (consistently), growth hormone and testosterone levels will go down. Low growth hormone and testosterone will cause you to heal less quickly, gain more fat, and just feel less optimal in general.

Women, don’t forget you also have testosterone! High insulin (which is considered anabolic) will also cause you to store more subcutaneous fat, making your waistline (or other areas) grow. In addition, it will also begin to affect how your brain chemicals function and make you feel leading to issues such as brain fog and depression.

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And depending on what other dietary choices you make (such as fried foods, non-organic fruits and vegetables, trans fats, or low quality meats and eggs) your cortisol levels could also rise. High cortisol levels are associated with inflammation, which will begin a cascade of numerous bodily issues. Poor dietary choices will make you feel less well physically and mentally.

Although I am making a point to say diet is more important to weight loss, it’s not really a matter of one is better than the other. Exercise is also very important for health. There are numerous known effects of consistent exercise. Cardiovascular training helps your heart to work more efficiently, circulation increases, fat cells become smaller, insulin sensitivity can be increased, oxygen carrying capacity in the blood increases, candida is controlled, cancer cells can be stifled, brain chemicals balanced, and the list goes on.

Weight training increases muscle strength, balance, bone density, testosterone and growth hormone levels, and the list goes on.

When it comes to losing weight and bettering your health status, diet is king and exercise is a perk.

What you put into your body is what you get.

Most positive results come from a determination to be healthy, not from a desire to only lose weight. Weight loss can be a natural side effect of being healthy. Being successful is more common among those who focus on the positive attributes of making healthy choices.

All in all, learning how to properly fuel your body is one of the best mental and physical choices you can make for yourself. And exercising is icing on the cake.

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