Losing weight can be hard, we know this! It requires work, dedication and sacrifices. So when we heard there was an easy way for us to get a truly slim waist, we decided to have a look at this latest trend for you, We decided to try and figure out everything there is to know before putting on that magic waist trainer and seeing what happens.

The principle is simple; you put on your 16th century corset-like waist trainer for a few hours a day in the hope that your body and especially your waist will mould into that slim hourglass figure you’ve always wanted.

Sounds easy enough, right? And if that’s all you need to do in order to get the same figure as Kim and Khloé Kardashian, I can already see you ordering yours online.


The problem is that the reality is a bit more complicated than that.

While experts have already agreed that there are no real problems linked to wearing a waist trainer for an evening out or a special occasion; because of the confidence boost or the encouraging effect it can generate. But the extent of the benefits of the waist trainer pretty much stop there. Indeed, Dr Caroline Apovian, Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, explained that wearing the waist trainer can help you feel better about yourself on that special occasion, and that it can even motivate you to adopt a regular workout schedule and a healthier diet. However, she also says to not expect more benefits than those.

Firstly – Because even though you push your stomach in by wearing the waist trainer, your fat will not disappear magically, it will go back to its original place as soon as you take it off. So yes, it can be a quick and easy solution for that dress you need to wear this weekend but can’t seem to fit in; but if you are looking for a long time solution, look elsewhere. waist training corset dangers_2 However, there is one thing that the waist trainer will make disappear… And it is not those love handles, but your core strength! Because your body would be supported at all times by the corset, your core does not have anything to work for, and its strength can greatly reduce. You might not think that it is important anyway, however core strength is one of the key element to achieve a sexy midsection, so you should rethink your strategy!

Secondly – the waist training can actually have a crushing effect on your body, and we mean that literally. It starts with discomfort and interference with breathing, which can definitely be expected if the corset is worn too tightly; then it escalates to pushing your stomach up and causing you to experience reflux, and in worst case scenarios you can end up with crushed organs, compressed lungs and fractured ribs if worn for an extended period of time!

Oh and a side note: do not even think of wearing the waist trainer during your workout! As you may expect, it can affect your ability to breath properly; but it can also reduce your range of motion, which will obviously affect the quality of your workout. Moreover, you might end up with a patch of acne on your lower back thanks to the trapped sweat between your body and the corset!

So here is our final word on the waist trainer: Yes for a quick fix, or as a confidence booster on special occasions; but a big No no as a long-term solution! It will only put your health at risk while not actually having any real long-lasting effect on your waist’s size or shape!

Truth is, there isn’t any quick and easy solution that will get you long lasting results; and a quick fix isn’t worth that many risks; your body is a piece of art that you will have to work hard for and adopt healthy habits to keep it in shape.

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