When you read the title of this article what did you think of? Razor blades cutting, other forms of drastic self-mutilation. Not me…

I thought of things like smoking, drinking to excess, drugs, over-eating, or eating junk on a regular basis. All of these are self-harming aren’t they?

The truth about self-harming is very simple


Whatever the vice is, it hurts you and hurts those around you. Excess drinking can and will affect your whole as will taking drugs (recreational? What does that mean?) Over-eating or eating junk foods on a regular basis can do great damage to your health and your body.

I’m not saying live like a monk or nun, but all things in moderation.

Any of the above can be caused by stress which we all know is a killer. However even drinking coffee to keep yourself awake and give you energy will in the long term be detrimental to your health.

It’s all about caring for yourself, respecting yourself, your body, and your life.

Everything you do affects you in the long term. Habits are just stuff that you do every day.

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Have 6 cups of coffee to keep you buzzing will work short term but in the long run, it’s like any drug, you’ll need more and more for it to be effective.

All you’re doing is harming yourself. And that’s the truth.

Eating healthily, getting your 5 (or more) a day of fruit and vegetables, eating proteins and the right carbs will in the end give you more energy, make you feel better and so you’ll be able to function better.

Caffeine is a drug as are cigarettes and booze. But hey, you don’t need me to tell you that!

An occasional glass of wine is OK but go down the route of a bottle a day and you’re really into self-harm. Your poor liver will undoubtedly suffer as will your concentration and like any drug (see above with coffee) you’ll need more and more to give you that hit.

Self-harm, I believe, is based on feeling of inadequacy that you need to be better than you are.

Here’s a novel thought. You don’t need to be fixed, you’re fine the way you are! But of course you read a magazine or two, see something online and you don’t believe that for a minute do you?

You haven’t got the car, the man (or woman), the home, the job, the money, the children, the clothes, the body you’re meant to have in order to be this vision of ‘perfection’ the media is selling you.

So you’re unsatisfied and instead of looking inside at what’s really happening, you look outside for instant gratification to ‘make it better’.

Well I’ve got news for you, it’s not there. The answers are all inside you!

Yes they are all of it right there but you have to trust and of course why would you? So you keep self-harming yourself with all your addictions rather than really looking at ways to just ‘be’

You are after all a human be-ing not a human do-ing!

In the end self-harm isn’t just about you. It will affect your work, your relationships in and out of work because of course you don’t live in a bubble where what you do doesn’t affect the people around you.

The dictionary definition of self-harm is deliberate injury to oneself, typically as a manifestation of a psychological or psychiatric disorder.

And you might think that’s too strong but anything you consciously do to yourself that is harming your life is self-harm. Sorry but that’s the truth

understanding self harm_3

Your thoughts lead to emotions which lead to action (or inaction in a lot of cases). Sometimes the action can be self-harming in some way and I don’t mean to make it sound trivial because it’s not, but if you’re doing any of those things it won’t make your life better but it will impact on everything you do and everyone you come into contact with.

Your life can be so much easier if you just allow it to be. That’s not a simplistic view but the truth.

If you’re suffering from self-harming and don’t have a clue how to stop, the first thing you can do is contact me for a discovery session.

I’m here to help.

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And stop going through this alone

I’ve been where you are and was for a long time. Let me show you how you can become the awesome person you are destined to be.

Live a life in the light rather than the shadows. Now you know the truth about self-harm, they say once you’re aware that’s a first step. The second step is to contact me

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