Back pain is among the most debilitating, restrictive and yet commonplace ailments in modern society

It has dramatic impacts on all aspects of people’s lives from home, social and work and yet it is still a subject that baffles many.

So let me take this opportunity to look at lower back pain causes, and focus on two reasons that so many of us do or will suffer from it.


1) Do you have a desk job or a form of work that forces you to sit down most of the day?

If so, sitting affects your posture, flexibility, mobility and joint health.

Over time, as you sit down, your hip muscles will tighten and your back will loosen up. Just try standing on both your feet and lean forwards without moving your feet. Can you feel how much pressure was just applied on the lower back?

You may not notice or think that sitting down for a long period of time has affected your lower back, but I can assure you that, over time, it does. If you’re not convinced, try sitting down for a few hours and stand up… when you stand you can feel the hips stretching!

One way to avoid having lower back pain is to make sure you give yourself a break every 20-30 minutes and be sure to walk around or even do a little bit of stretching of the spine (using the washer machine twist, ensuring you lift your heels off the floor) and gently lean backwards when you are standing up (flexing your glutes).

You don’t need to put your feet on the table and do stretching.

lower back pain causes_2

2) Have you developed your core strength?

Another reason, mostly experienced by younger people (especially those doing weights and bulking up), is that they do not have enough core strength.

Remember that your core is where all your limbs are attached. In terms of solidity, movement and full body physical function, it is absolutely integral and central.

This will sound funny, but if your arms become too heavy and your core is weak, this will cause you to experience lower back pain.

Think physics… If a tree trunk is thin and its branches become thick and heavy, what happens? The branch or trunk will either crack or even break clean off.

I’m not saying your arms will fall off but your body has to balance you out and if your core is not strong it will apply more pressure on your lower back.

The same goes if you try lifting a weight above your waist level. Imagine how much pressure (gravity) is being applied to your lower back. If you struggle to lift it, you may even use your hips to get momentum to lift up the weight, which again applies a significant amount of pressure to your back.

I suggest if you can’t lift it, don’t be ashamed, swallow your pride and go a little lighter until you have the core strength to execute it properly.

When pain free, you probably take your back for granted, but we should always be mindful of our back health, because the moment it lets us down we really will know all about its true value!

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