Usually when an article starts with the idea of ‘30 days to a better you’ it generally goes on to refer to exercise and diet. Of course both of these are important in making a ‘better you’ but I think many of us now fortunately do exercise and watch their diet.

However, what I am noticing in my Practice is that many bodies are becoming overly tight due to trying to get that better, more fit, honed physique.

Tight muscles


The problem is that tight contracted muscles can lead to an imbalance in the body that literally pulls joints and nerves off kilter leading to pain and injury. When a client presents me with an injury, or pain, the first questions I ask are lifestyle related.

What sport? What is your job? I am looking for clues to a repetitive action. I then feel muscles for confirmation of what I suspect is happening with that sore knee or hip, lower back pain Etc.

Think about this example

If a person runs the muscles that are continually being recruited like hip flexors, hamstrings and quadriceps can start to pull in one direction.

This can compromise a joint like a knee or  hip or even the lower back as the overworked muscle tightens and overpowers the weaker antagonistic muscle. It is not difficult to imagine how injury and pain will eventually occur due to this tug of war.

Trigger Point Deep Tissue massage

As a therapist I use Trigger Point Deep Tissue massage to release muscles. It has been shown that by compressing the knotted tight fibrous bundles within a muscle a release takes place.

What is more our knots, or trigger points, occur in roughly the same places within a muscle.

They can be located easily by feeling for tender spots that release sublimely on compression.


Not everyone can afford the time or money for regular deep tissue massage to address these knots and arguably a little every other day is better than one massage every now and again.

More guidance to Trigger Point Massage for specific lifestyles and sports is available on my website but take a look at the Gif’s below as a guide to how you can massage out the knots in specific muscles.

After 30 days you will be heading towards a much more balanced better body and therefore avoiding predisposing yourself to injury.


Remove knots from Calves – Shinsplints, Achilles tendonitis, lower back pain



Tight Hamstrings – Lower back pain

05_IMG_0610.gif Quadratus Lumborum – Lower back pain


 ITB band – Knee and hip problems


Glutes – Lower back pain


Hands and wrists


Neck and Headache


 Rounded shoulders – Upper back ache


Foot – Plantar fasciitis


Neglecting overworked muscles can set you back in your fitness regime if you ignore it for too long. Trigger Point Deep massages are a simple and cost-effective solution and a way to restore balance in your body.

Using a Trigger Point Deep Tissue massage to release muscles can rectify this problem without having to resort to paying out for a deep tissue massage.

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