A look at the Body Ballancer

It’s lunchtime at WatchFit HQ and, despite my best efforts to look attentive and wise, I’m sure my face betrays bafflement as Naomi Northen-Ellis unzips a suitcase and lays out what looks like an extreme weather sleeping bag.

Naomi is about to give me my first demo of the Body Ballancer, a high tech piece of kit originally designed to treat lymphoedema – localized fluid retention that is caused by an underperforming lymphatic system.


But as it happens this fascinating piece of kit has a multitude of other benefits from the medical and sporting to the aesthetic. One of which is cellulite reduction – and that usually pricks the ears of us girls!

But what I am particularly interested in is how it could help me as an endurance athlete by aiding lactate clearance.

First use of the Ballancer

I slide my way into the suit as Naomi taps in a programme on the touchscreen, designed specifically for post training recovery after intensive sessions of exercise.

I have no idea what to expect and am amused to find myself the centre of curious attention of WatchFit colleagues who keep popping over for a peak!

The machine comes to life, air rushes through the pipes and I feel the first of the 24 air pockets expand, rendering my wiggling toes still. While the compression continues along my legs Naomi explains how Ballancer works to drive the lactic acid out of your muscles, especially my quads which tend to take a beating when I’m trail running or cycling for hours at a time.

Lactic acid build-up

Lactic acid build-up occurs during high intensity exercise, when your body runs out of oxygen to fuel muscles and uses glucose as a substitute.

Lactic acid is a byproduct of this glucose being used, and the buildup happens because it is being produced at a faster rate that your body can remove it. This ultimately causes that burning sensation when you are pushing your muscles to their limits during exercise.

compression therapy_2Compression for recovery

I am no stranger to using compression for sports recovery, having spend an inordinate amount of time training and hanging out in compression tights.

Sound recovery has always been a top priority because in the world of endurance injury and fatigue are not things you risk by not looking after your body properly.

From what I can gather even in these earliest stages of use, the Ballancer takes compression therapy to a whole new level and I am intrigued to see whether it has an impact on my training longer term and my ability to recover faster from long training rides, workouts and runs.

The results are already showing

My goal over the coming week is to use the compression therapy immediately after training sessions to see if it has any tangible effect.

I’ll also be using it early mornings before I kick start my day, as I found that even from my brief initial demo I came away feeling relaxed, standing with better posture and, for the first time is many years, walking without pain in my sacroiliac joint.

Whether this was coincidence or a direct result of compression therapy will only be discovered in the coming weeks as I make regular use of it, but my curiosity has certainly been piqued, as has that of everyone at WatchFit HQ!

I’ll keep you posted on my experience over the coming weeks, and we’ll find out if this new kit to hit the health and wellbeing scene is all it seems to be. If it is, it deserves to have a huge impact across a number of crucial applications. We’ll see….

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