Why do you get cervical pain?

If you’re female, you have most likely had cervical, or neck pain at some point in your life. Or it might even plague you. And if you’re male, you’re not immune either.

As a chiropractic doctor, I see patients daily that come to me complaining of pain, difficulty moving their necks, or headaches.


A fair amount of neck pain is caused by myofascial (muscle and the connective tissue around it) or musculoskeletal origins.

Muscles in the neck

Tight, irritated muscles in the neck can refer pain to the head giving one the feeling of a headache.

Different muscles will refer pain to different areas of the head, such as the suboccipital muscles will refer to the eye on the same side giving the feeling of eye pain.

The joints in the neck, if irritated, will also cause pain throughout referral patterns in the neck. Irritation in these joints can be caused by muscle tension, poor posture or injury.

So how can you relieve yourself of chronic neck pain?

Good question.

Stress is a major cause of muscle tension

Finding a way to cope with stress can make a huge difference. Great coping mechanisms include meditation and cardiovascular exercise.

Breathing exercises

Exercises such as pranayama can also help to move tension out of the body and to ensure we are breathing properly.

If you are experiencing high levels of stress at work, you might want to consider a job or career change.

Another cause of neck pain is a toxic body

Your diet is a major contributor to the way your physiology works. You are what you eat, as they say.

3 steps for cervical pain treatment

– To start off, increase the amount of quality water you are drinking

Water will help to flush toxins of out the body more quickly and help your cells function properly. Without enough H2O, everything slows down including detoxification.

– Next, increase the amount of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits you are eating

And cut out unwanted sugar, hydrogenated oils, white breads/pastas, dyes and preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. A healthy diet will make your body and mind process life more easily.

– Lastly, pamper yourself

cervical pain treatment_2Go see your chiropractor or massage therapist. Get muscle work done to strip out unwanted scar tissue, lengthen short muscles and push out stagnant blood that is trapped in the tissue.

Get adjustment to ensure proper joint movement and nerve flow. Go to the sauna, which is relaxing and also helps to speed detoxification through your skin.

A huge contributor to neck pain is poor posture

Sit on the edge of your desk chair with your pelvis rolled forward. This allows your neck to fall into proper alignment.

Make sure your desk and computer are positioned correctly so you aren’t looking down, to the side, or that your shoulders are rolling forward.

When patients have poor posture from sitting at their desk, I also recommend lying on your bed face up with your head hanging off the side. This helps to stretch the front of the neck, allows the muscles in the back to relax, and brings the proper curve back into the neck.

Most importantly, find the cause of your neck pain

The above causes are not the only reason for neck pain, although it is a large percentage. Incorporate the recommendations above and if nothing helps, seek help from your healthcare practitioner.

My love.

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