One of the most common complaints by expectant women is back pain in pregnant. Is this something normal or is this something that ought to be sorted at the doctors?

In most cases, back pain is a normal effect of the pregnancy as this is an indication that the baby is growing and so are their demands which may be taking a toll on your body.

It is thus important to make it a point to follow up your doctor’s appointments week by week so that any anomaly can be sorted out as soon as it is noticed.


So where does the back pain come from?

In most cases, the back pain comes as a result of the pelvis meeting the spine at the sacroiliac joint. This is mainly seen when a woman is 11 weeks pregnant or later.

There are many causes of this and the main one is the gaining of weight.

The gaining of weight as main cause

The entire pregnancy will see a woman gain an average o of 20 – 40 pounds depending on the diet, exercise and a myriad of other factors. This weight gain must however be supported by the same vertebral column which does not grow. Remember that this weight gain is not progressive and happens very fast.

The pressure of the growing baby also exerts pressure on the mother’s blood vessels as well as the nerves that serve the back and the pelvis region.

The posture

Another thing that occurs as the baby grows is the posture of the mother changes as the baby grows week by week. This makes a pregnant woman to gradually change the way they walk.

This new exerted pressure will ultimately be manifested by back pain as a weight is placed in the tummy and which must be supported by the same back.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes may also result in back pain. Having passed the 11 weeks pregnant mark, there is a heightened level of hormones that is produced by the mother’s body to accommodate for the needs of the fast growing baby.

back pain during pregnancy_2As a woman comes nearer to term, the body produces a hormone called relaxin which prepares the woman for birth. This hormone has the effect of loosening ligaments in the pelvic area to relax the various joints so that one can be prepared for birth.

This hormone has some side effects on making the ligaments supporting the spinal cord loosen and this causes severe instability and often this will be communicated by the body as pain in the back.

The loose of the rectal abdominal muscles

Another thing that may aggravate the back pain during pregnancy is the loosening of the rectal abdominal muscles.

These are two parallel sheets of muscle which run from the rib cage to the pelvic bone and may tear at the center seam when a woman is 11 weeks pregnant or later. This makes the pain quite a lot and in most cases, bed rest is recommended to these women.

Stress is also an aggravator of back pain

As the baby grows in the womb week by week, there are increased demands from the mother, mainly in form of diet, air as well as mental strength. This stress may cause muscle tension in the back of which the body responds by sending pain signals from the back.

The higher the stress during pregnancy, the more the pain will be evident.

There is good news at the end of the tunnel. It is not all grim. The pain eases by and by as one progresses on with pregnancy. There are however various ways of coping that can help one manage the back pain during pregnancy.

How to make the pain bearable?

Making informed diet choices

Regular exercise will help a pregnant woman become more flexible and tone the muscles. Safe exercise during pregnancy will include walking, swimming as well as cycling.

Extreme exercise which comes when one is 11 weeks pregnant or later is not recommended as this might be injurious to the unborn baby.

Keeping the right posture

Normal body posture should also be checked as less strain needs to be placed on the spine as the baby grows week by week. Simple ways such as sleeping on the back as well as sitting upright could help a great deal.

Hot and cold presses on the area affected is also highly recommended. It is however a great idea to consult your physician before trying out this.

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