Arthritis is a disease that causes inflammation at the joints and is always accompanied by joint pain. Inflammation in your body means that your body is in the process of healing where the body immune system is fighting against bacteria and viruses.

Inflammation at the joints

For a person who has arthritis, inflammation at the joints means that the body’s immune system is working against the body. It normally occurs without any bacterial or harmful matter detected and therefore attacks the joints instead.


This is one of the major causes of joint pain.

Most people have a lot of difficulty understanding joint pain and arthritis. To try and avoid all that confusion, below are the facts about arthritis and joint pain everyone thinks are true;

1. Arthritis is accompanied by joint pain

As mentioned above, arthritis is always accompanied by joint pain due to the immunity attacking the joints. Most people believe that any joint pain is always arthritis but it is not the case. Yes arthritis is associated with joint pain but not all joint pain is arthritis.

2. Symptoms of arthritis vary

Those who have not suffered from arthritis may not understand that arthritis does not have a distinct symptom. They vary from one individual to another; some may experience pain at the joints, others stiffness and most commonly swelling of the joints.

These symptoms can be clearly visible while others are just seen from afar, they can either last long or appear and go, or become more severe as time goes.

Therefore it is possible for two people to be suffering from arthritis and have different symptoms.

3. Limits freedom of work

Most activities that we undertake in our lives depend on the flexibility of our joints. Therefore if one joint in the body is attacked by arthritis or normal pain, the function of that joint may not be as effective. Most people who have experienced it can bear witness that arthritis and joint pain limits someone the ability to do the work they are required to do as long as the required joint is ill.

4. Exercise can help both arthritis and joint pain

Exercise is always good for the general health of an individual and this includes joint pains. Swimming and cycling stationary bikes are the most common exercises that people suffering from arthritis use. They surely work in reducing the intensity of the pain.

5. Early treatment is good

We all know that every disease requires early treatment. If it advances to the chronic stages it may be difficult to control. This also applies to arthritis and joint pain.

You may muddle through the mild symptoms of arthritis but the chronic stage is not ignorable. Joint pain cannot be aignored because it could be the signs of arthritis.

6. Kids can also be victims of arthritis

Arthritis is a joint disease and no one is exempt as long as they have joints too. Kids therefore can be victims of arthritis. As a mother, you may realize the swelling of the lymph nodes of you baby and high fever. These are possible signs of arthritis therefore see a specialist to assist your baby as early as possible.

7. Arthritis can be put into remission

arthritis and joint pain_2Some people are always so hopeless and always choose to live with arthritis pain. Those who comfortably live with it are clear evidence that it can be put into remission.

8. Supplements do work

While you wait for the doctor’s prescription, supplements can work well in relieving joint pain. Iceland health joint relief is one of the supplements that contain omega-3 which assist in lubrication and hence relieving joint pain.

9. Weather determines pain intensity

There is less pain at the joints during dry and warm seasons unlike the wet chilly seasons. There is low pressure during dry seasons hence not much pain at the joints.

10. Eating a proper diet can remedy arthritis

Eating those meals that will not cause excess weight decreases the chances of suffering joint pain and arthritis. Obesity is always associated with osteoarthritis.

11. Arthritis is a group of diseases

Arthritis consists of many other kinds of arthritis. Therefore it should not be considered as a single disease because one person cannot suffer from all the types of arthritis.

12. Surgery is not necessary for arthritis or joint pain

The simple drug and supplement treatment prescribed by the doctors is enough to treat the disease. There is no surgery needed.


Arthritis is a disease with one of its signs as joint pains. Joint pain however is not necessarily a sign of arthritis but they share most of the treatments.

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