Are E-ciagarettes safe? Good question! I’ve done a lot of research and it would appear that even the experts at this stage of the game are not really sure.

So let’s take a look at what e-cigarettes are and what they do.

What are e-cigarettes?

They are electronic devices which heat up a cartridge of liquid to form a vapour which can be inhaled.

The vapour contains a hit of the addictive chemical nicotine along with flavours and other chemicals.

The whole point of e-cigarettes was that they would help people eventually give up smoking. Cigarette smoking burns tobacco which releases a large dose of addictive nicotine but it’s not just the nicotine that is the problem.

Smoking also releases something like 4000 deadly toxic chemicals which can increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.

The addictive e-cig

E-cigarettes can be addictive as it’s the nicotine in them that can cause dependency.

There’s also a fear that the widespread use of e-cigarettes will normalise the consumption of nicotine, undoing the social changes which resulted from the smoking ban and making smoking socially acceptable once more.

The British Medical Association is calling for a ban in public places.

At present e-cigarettes aren’t regulated and so the exact contents of the vapour will vary between brands. Using e-cigarettes is known as ‘vaping’ and it is very different from smoking.

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Growing use and popularity

E-cigarettes are becoming big business for the tobacco industry. When smoking in public places become illegal in many countries it brought about some real ‘clean air’ for the general population.

Restaurants, bars etc became nicer places to spend time in but the rise of the popularity of e-cigarettes might be making smoking more attractive again especially to younger people.

A growing debate

E-cigarettes have rapidly risen in popularity in recent years and are now the subject of heated debate as to whether they are effective in helping smokers quit tobacco or whether they are actually making smoking attractive to young people.

Are they a way for big tobacco companies to protect its profits in markets where smoking is declining and lure people back into nicotine addiction or are they just a fashion that will quickly lose its appeal?

New trend, little research…

Given that vaping has been around for barely a decade and studies into the long-term effects take time, those questions can’t be answered with any certainty yet.

The benefits of e-cigarettes’ continue to be debated – and the potential risks to non-smokers and young people remain under-explored.

Vaping to give up smoking?

But here’s the thing. If you’re ‘vaping’ to give up smoking it’s probably not doing you any good long term anyway.

They say, and I totally agree, that going cold turkey on any addiction is always the best way.

I gave up smoking many years ago. I was a 20+ a day girl; And I loved it. But as I got older I was starting to think that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea.

And basically what I did was ‘talk myself out of it’! I know that sounds crazy but the point is that a habit is a habit is a habit. And it can be changed.

are e cigarettes safe_3Change of mindset

I believe, and I’m not the only exponent here, that you can change any bad habit such as smoking, or negative beliefs, or over-eating, easily by changing your mind set.

Thoughts become emotions became action.

And if you start telling yourself as I did that smoking is disgusting, that it smells, that it makes you smell, that it is expensive – and believe me when I gave up a packet of cigarettes was probably about a third of what it is today.

An average price is around £9 a day and there’s talk of government legislation coming in to put the price up to £15. Fifteen pounds! Blimey if nothing else give it up for the sake of your pocket.  A vast amount of money annually just to ruin your health? Doesn’t sound so clever does it?

At a pack a day at £10 a pack you’re spending £70 a week. Seriously? Couldn’t you find something better to spend your money on?

Health concerns

And there’s the health aspect of course. What are you doing to your insides with those 4000 plus toxic chemicals? I can tell you that it is nothing good and all very bad.

And the thing is if you are vaping in the hope of giving up smoking I think you’re living in a fool’s paradise, sorry to say.

Yyou will be as addicted to e-cigarettes as you are to real ones and as I say there is still no conclusive proof to say how safe they are.

I can help you give up the tobacco addiction without the need to put any other harmful substances in your body. In fact the way I did it and I know thousands of others have as well. It’s safe, totally substance free and it’s fun.

Looking to quit?

So for the sake of your purse, your wallet, your health, give up cigarettes but also give up e-cigarettes as well.

There is really only one safe way to give up smoking. I know, I’ve done it. And I can help you do it too. Contact me and I promise it’ll be a safer and more healthy way for your future.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe? Now you know the answer.

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