In Part 1 we looked at statistics to show that, although home might be where the heart lies, it is also where most accidents occur.

More so than on the sportsfields, in schools, workplaces or on the roads. And now we are into coronavirus lockdown for weeks and potentially months, more of us are at home most of the time. So we could do with being more mindful of ‘the traps’ that lie in our domestic settings and hopefully we won’t see a dramatic rise in those Accident & Emergency statistics.

And with schools closed for the foreseeable future there are going to be more kids at home for longer than ever, and children, unfortunately, make up a large percentage of accidents at home.

How do we hurt ourselves so frequently at home and what should we be looking out for to ensure we stay safe.

10 Most Frequent Accidents at Home & What To Do

Trips and Falls.

As you might expect, this is a common one and probably something that each and every one of us has experienced. It is most frequent amongst the very young and the elderly. If following a fall there is a likelihood of bone damage of the faller suffers nausea and vomiting, then medical help must be sought immediately.


This makes up a large proportion of home-based accidents and children under 5 are the most likely to suffer burns as a result of hot drinks. Safe distances and disciplines should be natural around stoves, boiling kettles, pans, fires, heaters, hair tongs and matches. A burn should be held under cold water for a few minutes and then assessed. Covering in clingfilm or a clean plastic bag can help the healing process.


Broken glass can be a relatively common occurrence in a household, and where there is broken glass there is a strong likelihood of cuts.  Tabletops, doors, French windows etc should all conform to safety regulations and always be mindful of bottles, jars, drinking glasses and vases etc, particularly with children around.



Apply pressure to stop bleeding, apply antiseptic and dress wound with a clean plaster or bandage. If the cut is clearly significant and the bleeding won’t stem, seek medical attention quickly.


These are nasty. They never sound as dramatic or serious as a break but they can be as painful and leave a lingering weakness. It is when a ligament is twisted or stretched. Wrists, ankles and knees are the most commonly injured areas. Applying an ice pack to the affected area is important and anti-inflammatories will work with what is likely to be the swollen area.


Bumps and bashes generally result in bruising and sometimes these can be painful. A cold pack or bag of peas is usually fine to apply to the bruised area. But be mindful that serious bruising can hide other injuries like ligament damage or fractures.

Falling Objects.

Be mindful of what can fall and from where. Also what can be pulled to cause objects to fall – leads, curtains, table cloths – particularly if there are children in the household!


This is almost always as a direct result of not securing a cupboard or drawer properly that contains various household agents, cleaners and medicines. It is particularly important to do so if there are children around.


Again this is most likely to occur in children who are inquisitive and have a habit of testing things with their mouths! If an object cannot be dislodged then it is imperative to call the ambulance.


Sadly this does occur in households, particularly those with ponds, pools and streams. Children need very little water to drown in and they should be supervised at all times or the potential water hazards must be secured and fenced off.


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