Are you worried about your sex life?

Do you want to maximize your girlfriend’s or wife’s pleasure? If you answered “YES” to both questions then this article is perfect for you!

By boosting sexual stamina, you can improve your sex life and maximize your partner’s pleasure.


Sexual stamina is more than just being in the “mood” or lasting long in bed, it’s about the overall healthy lifestyle that helps you accomplish these things. Throughout this article, you will learn what the natural ways to increase stamina in bed are.

Let’s start.

1. Healthy foods

One of the best and easiest ways, to boost sexual stamina is to eat healthy foods. The healthier the foods, the better your performance will be. Sex can be compared to a cardio workout and it requires proper nutrition if you want to stay “fit”.

Instead of unhealthy and processed foods, you can opt for healthier alternatives. Plus, there are some foods that are well-known for boosting sexual stamina and performance. For example:

Foods rich in vitamin B12 – these foods help your body produce energy, elevate the mood, and even help with blood circulation and strength. Examples of foods rich in vitamin B12 include eggs, shellfish, caviar, beef etc.

Raw oysters – if you thought that aphrodisiac properties of oysters were just a myth, you were wrong. Oysters are quite beneficial for your sex life as they contain high levels of zinc, which stimulates testosterone. Furthermore, oysters also deliver amino acids which are associated with sexual desire.

increase sexual stamina_2

Watermelon – is abundant in citrulline which is a natural chemical that helps increase oxygen flow in the blood.

Dark chocolate – helps release the chemicals in the brain that lead to euphoria. The euphoria leads to prolonged sexual experience.

increase sexual stamina_3Grapes – are rich in boron which is a chemical that helps produce testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Both of these hormones are quite important for sexual endurance in men and women.

2. Don’t overthink

When you constantly think about your performance and endurance you create a huge pressure for yourself. For longer performance, it’s extremely important to free your mind from all expectations you have for yourself and your partner.

When you feel liberated from the chains you created for yourself, you will notice you enjoy sex more, and you last longer.

3. Lubricate

increase sexual stamina_4A study whose findings were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that men who used lubrication together with condoms lasted longer in bed than men who didn’t.

TIP: When using condoms, you should opt for water-based or silicon-based lubricants.

4. Masturbate

Most people think the more they masturbate, the worse their stamina will be in bed. Wrong!

In fact, self-stimulation is beneficial for you. This is particularly helpful if you suffer from early ejaculation. You can use self-stimulation, masturbation, to help shift your sexual response and improve stamina.

5. Natural supplements

Male enhancement supplements can be of huge help. Most supplements on the market today are made of natural ingredients whose effectiveness in boosting stamina or testosterone levels is well-documented.

Due to all-natural ingredients, these supplements don’t induce some side effects, which is always a good thing.

6. Foreplay

increase sexual stamina_5The main reason most men want to last longer in bed is because they want their wives or girlfriends to experience orgasm as well. However, women rarely experience orgasm through intercourse alone.

Here is where the foreplay steps in. In fact, you should consider foreplay as your best friend.

Manual stimulation and oral sex can help you satisfy your significant other even if your sex stamina currently isn’t at the level you want it to be.

More foreplay leads to more sex, and the more sex you have the better your stamina will be.

7.  Define the problem

If you notice that you don’t last as long as you did in bed, one of the most important ways of improving the stamina is to identify the underlying problem.

The problem can be physical and psychological.

For example, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, or some other problem, then you should consult your doctor. Treating this problem will improve your sexual stamina as well.

Psychological problems usually include stress, anxiety and depression.

Here, you should get to the root of the problem; identify why you feel stressed out or depressed and work towards solving the issue.

TIP: Don’t make your partner feel excluded. You should feel free to confide in your girlfriend or wife, tell them how you feel about your sexual performance and stamina. Then, work together towards improving your sex life.


Boosting sexual stamina isn’t a mission impossible.

With some lifestyle adjustments, eating right foods, relieving stress or treating the underlying medical problem you can notice significant improvement. Ideally, combination of tips listed above will help you boost your endurance in bed.

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