What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that is characterized by chronic widespread pain in various joints in the body. It is normally accompanied by other symptoms such as extreme exhaustion, sleep disturbances and bladder abnormalities. In most cases, it co-exists with a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety. It affects more women than men at a ratio of 7:1 – 3.4% women and 0.5% men are affected around the world today by this condition.

How to prevent fibromyalgia

The cause is not known and thus prevention advice is quite a challenge for medical practitioners. As a woman, there are a number of things you may do to stay away from fibromyalgia. These include:

Avoid Stress

Certain research found out that people with fibromyalgia had different functional and structural compositions in their brain, from those who didn’t suffer. These brain anomalies were later found to have been caused by stress, either from childhood upbringing or just the normal prolonged or severe stress. Staying clear of stressful conditions can be a great step in minimizing the risk of suffering from fibromyalgia.

Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga has been shown to provide a myriad of benefits as far as your health is concerned. It helps you detach from the surroundings and concentrate on your inner self, keeping you calm and generating peace from within. The various postures performed require that you master the act of focusing, and this is a beneficial skill you can then translate to your other normal activities. Yoga has also been used as a coping mechanism and remedy for pain. It can thus be used as an excellent fibromyalgia natural treatment. It also works to relieve stress and keep your health in check.

Adhering to a Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet is a great way to combatting fibromyalgia. Ensure that your meals comprise all the essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients will keep your body energized and healthy. It will help stay clear of most of the symptoms that are associated with Fibromyalgia. Avoiding intake of caffeine has also been shown to reduce these symptoms. This is because caffeine may interfere with your brain and in the process might trigger fibromyalgia. how to prevent fibromyalgia_2

Stick To Good Sleep Routines

This will ensure that you have enough rest which is essential for your whole body. The skin renews itself during this time and the brain removes all the toxins that may have built-up during the course of the preceding day. Therefore this is an essential time, for the entire body to relax and refresh the energy levels. Supplement products such as BioTrust Brain Bright have been shown to reduce the stress levels in people which, as discussed earlier, is a significant and common symptom in people suffering from fibromyalgia.

Exercise Regularly

Fibromyalgia has been associated with joint stiffness and numbness. Just like arthritis and joint pain, you need to exercise your body in order to get rid of the stiffness and numbness. Use of joint relief products and regular exercise will prevent you from getting this condition by keeping your joints in check. A number of fibromyalgia exercises exists that may help you cope with the condition. In the event that the pain is severe, you may ask your doctor for recommendations as to the best trainers in fibromyalgia exercises.

Stay Clear of Fibromyalgia Aggravators

Food that worsens the condition should be avoided. These are often high in bad fats and they should be should be avoided at all costs as they only make the symptoms worse. This is because fibromyalgia leads to gastrointestinal issues, irritable bowel, and these are greatly aggravated by these foods. The same applies to foods that are high in sodium content.

Stay Away From Electronic Devices Before Sleep

The light from the devices tends to interfere with your sleep, thus worsening the condition. Try as much as possible to minimize your contact with these devices for about an hour before sleep. This practice also minimizes the production of cortisol, the hormone that causes stress.


Fibromyalgia natural treatment may involve cognitive therapy, specific exercises and relaxation/ meditation techniques. Women – as the main target of this condition – should ensure they follow the above recommendations. The condition is normally diagnosed after three months of intensive pain associated with joint pain in at least ten of the normal eighteen parts. Fibromyalgia natural treatments should be started when symptoms present themselves but are not terribly severe. In cases of more serious pain some medications may be added. In this case the medication can include include antidepressants, pain relievers and anti-seizure drugs. Connect with Expert Shawn Clark

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