Well sorry to rain on your parade but I am here to crash your sweet tooth party. I am going to show you how to give sugar a swift kick in the rear and beat it down out of your diet once and for all! I know, what could be better than a big hunk of birthday cake, or a big slice of cheesecake, or better yet a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie?

Well I can think of a whole lot better things nutrient wise to put in your body to satisfy that sweet craving of yours; and you know what, you should get to know them. So it is my attempt in this article to show you how to kick that sugar addiction from your diet.

Let’s Talk Sugars

Now all sugars aren’t created equal and although at the end of the day the sugar you take in your body, no matter how complex will be eventually broken into its simplest form of glucose, there’s more to sugars than meets the eye! Sugars are what you consider a carbohydrate and right now in the world carbohydrates (carbs) have a bad image in that they are awful for you and will make you fat and sick.

While the preceding statement can be true, there are a host of variables that go into either making carbs your best friend or worst enemy. Carbs are one of our main sources of fuel to keep us going, so then you may ask, “well why can’t I have my sugar, we need it to survive right?” While partly true, it’s the quality of carbs you take in and how much you take in depending on your level of activity.

The problem with most people today is we’re lazy, couch potato human beings, who get our main sources of sugars from processed foods, sweets, junk food and table sugar, all having high glycemic indexes. Instead we should be taking in more complex sugars that our found in various fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, bound by fiber to slow the blood sugar impact in our bodies (low glycemic index) as we’re digesting them down.

And you know what also lazy one, get your butt off the couch and put those carbs to use with exercise or any other type of physical activity. We should be taking in carbs according to our activity levels; a couch potato may only need about 100-150 grams of carbohydrates a day to maintain versus an athlete needing way more to accompany their activity level. Now that I have that out of my system lets move onto how to counteract that sugar addiction that’s the driving force in shaping your diet.

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Replacing that Darn Sugar in Your Diet

I’m sure if you talk to any expert in the health and fitness world about how to kick sugar addiction from your diet, you’ll get a whole bunch of different answers and they all might work too; but in my clinical and professional opinion the best way I know how to kick the sugar addiction is adding more high quality proteins and fats in your diet.

See the problem with ingesting simple sugars in the form of table sugar, cookies and whatever other crap you’re going to eat, is that its addictive nature lies in the impact those things have on the blood sugar. What happens when you take those things in is a blood sugar spike and then a wonderful hormone by the name of insulin does its thing (barring you don’t have diabetes) and stores that excess sugar away in your muscles, liver or its fate maybe to turn into fat (this part we usually don’t want).

In doing this the blood sugar goes down rapidly and then you know what, you feel hungry again in another attempt to balance out the rapid blood sugar decrease. This up and down process is sometimes referred to as the “vicious cookie cycle.” The surge of simple sugars does this, unlike complex carbs, proteins or fats which don’t carry the same impact on the blood.

That being said, if you beef up the proteins (no pun intended) and good healthy fats in your diet to replace these simple sugars you won’t have this up and down cycle in your body, which along with some complex things going on in the brain triggered by simple sugar ingestion, making you addicted to sugar.

Proteins and good fats make you feel full for longer giving you no need to reach for that candy bar because you’re not thinking about it with a full tummy. Also you can train your body with this change to use fat as a preferred fuel to spare the sugar stored in your body so the body doesn’t feel the need to replenish carbs in your body until maybe after a workout or any other physical activity. A great side effect that will happen with this change if you’re successful is good healthy weight loss! Doesn’t this all just sound wonderful?


Now that I am done making you feel bad about that muffin you’re about to eat, let’s wrap this topic up. So if you’re dedicated to the cause of eradicating sugar from your diet it’s as easy as adding high quality proteins and fats in your diet to take the place of some of the junk you were going to eat and also choosing better more complex choices of carbs bundled with fiber.

I am not saying that you can’t every once in awhile satisfy your sweet tooth with your favorite dessert, but instead of gorging on it maybe this time take one or two bites and leave the rest for another day making it last. Fruits and nut butters I find in general satisfy my sweet urges usually if I am looking for a more healthy sweet to indulge in, another idea is this delicious energy ball reicipe; but yes we’re all human and I to take a bite of my occasional favorite candy Reeses.

To stick with this lifestyle change you need to treat yourself every once in awhile and that’s ok, but please leave it at that, don’t stuff your face. So until next time get some good meats, nuts, legumes, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, veggies, whole grains, etcinto your diet; and for God sakes get your butt off the couch and get moving, you’ll thank me for it!


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