Everything that works requires an operating system. In humans, our operating systems are our mind, body and our spirit.

From infanthood to adulthood our bodies have taken instruction from our physical world and mental world to create systems or sets of rules that our bodies follow to exist and evolve to meet the needs of our individual life choices.

In this article, we are going to look at some rules or guidelines that can support, rejuvenate and enhance your body through your exercise, diet and lifestyle choices.

You will need to consider each rule with more depth for a more personal answer. All we are doing here is highlighting some of some key areas of contribution required.

You think you are doing all the right things?

With the best intentions, you do all the clichés, like eat every two hours, protein shakes post workout followed by ZMA with 8 hours sleep. All good? Maybe not! Even with the right pieces we can still build the wrong habits and distort facts into a wrong overall picture.

Operating systems have in their foundation an order of events that are carried out in a specific pattern to complete a function. This seems obvious, but the things we control such as calorie expenditure, nutritional intake and lifestyle are the areas of focus here.

We are going to list the perfect rules to build your body!

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Frame of Mind

We hear it all starts in the mind. Countless studies have shown that strong mental ability plays a key role in our life. Referencing Arnie Schwarzenegger who says “The first step is belief”. You must know in your mind that your aim is real. This will require use of your imagination. You must be able to create the goal in your mind.

Choose your method of mind stimulus, however, the key thing for you to is to know your reality about your body and make a feasible plan to change your reality. Until you do this, physical changes cannot occur. A relaxed mind is the preferred operating system for our imagination.

‘Prioritize’ your weakness not ‘focus’ on them:

Focusing on weakness can be a setback. Focusing on weakness simply put will prevent you from working on strengths. Sounds obvious but the key is to create an order that starts with the things that hold you back as they are harder.

Strength is easy and is just seeking to be stronger, which is automatic when challenged. This is the sensible way to tackle weaknesses, barriers or setbacks.

If both strengths and weaknesses are focused on, then everything improves together. No matter how strong you are or you will always be limited by weakness  – so put them first!

Make Wise Exercise Choices!

Now your mind is right you will have imagined the aim and be ready to put the body to work. There is no one-size-fits-all answer here, so you must do more than follow generic information about training routines and programs.

These materials should only be used as guidelines as the information can be relevant. Knowing what to do is crucial. Usain Bolt didn’t dominate sprinting by doing marathon training. His training was most likely to consist of lifting weights, sprint endurance drills and plyometrics.

Two key rules in any chosen weight training exercise would be to lift heavy weights at low repetitions and light weights at higher repetition. This has proven over the ages to stimulate the most muscle growth.

Prioritize multi joint exercises over single joint exercise. The staple lifts such as deadlifts, squats, rows clean and press, and for the Monday night gang the bench press should be present in almost everyone’s routine if within physical capacity. These exercises carry a high technical performance ability.

You could call them your foundation exercises and from these you build. When choosing other exercises, try to have a multiple of exercises for the same muscle group. For example, to work your back you could perform the lat pulldown, seated row and deadlift.

To make the most gains, the best result is to exercise the muscle from different angles and positions with a variation of heavy and light weights at low and high reps.

In Part 2 we will continue to look at the best methods and considerations to help you make genuine training gains and  build the body you are after.

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