Ahhhh… the smell of summer! The flowers are blooming, the winter coats get hung up, the shorts and tank tops come out, the outdoor activities commence, the temperatures rise, the sun is out… and sunburns are on the rise! Its important to learn how to avoid sunburn!

The typical remedy to reduce or avoid sunburn is sunscreen. But what about if you forget sunscreen, are allergic to it, or simply want to avoid the chemicals in traditional sunscreens?

What other options are available to you? 


Sunscreen Alternatives

Coconut Oil: Is there anything coconut oil ISN’T good for? Not only does coconut oil act as a moisturizer, decrease inflammation, and prevent blemishes, but it also blocks out about 20% of the sun’s rays! This means a shortened amount of time in the sun before you have to reapply more oil, but with all the many benefits of coconut oil, it’s a healthy and wonderful alternative!

More Clothing: It does get hot in the summer, but there is no better way to block the sun than to simply cover up. Stick to lighter colors, thinner and lighter materials, and accessories such as hats and shoes that will give you some extra coverage!

Aloe Vera: Like coconut oil, aloe blocks about 20% of the sun’s harmful rays. In addition, you can use aloe to soothe areas of the body that were exposed to sun for faster healing!

Red Raspberry Seed Oil: Averaging about 28-50% SPF, this is one of the best and most effective natural alternatives to sunscreen!

Wheat Germ Oil: Containing about 20% SPF, this is another great oil to consider.

Carrot Seed Oil: Containing about 38-40% SPF, this is a wonderful option, but beware because it’s not found as readily as many other oils!

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Other Seed and Nut Oils

Although the best oils are listed above, many other oils offer relief from the sun for shorter periods of time. Another benefit of using oils is that they block out the harmful rays while allowing absorption of the important Vitamin D.

Try these other oils out if you don’t have access to the ones above: Avocado, olive, peanut, hemp, alfalfa, shea, jojoba, macadamia, and sea buckhorn.

Healthy Nutritional Habits

Is it any surprise that your diet can impact your body’s reaction to the sun’s rays? Eating foods loaded with antioxidants and/or healthy fats can help protect your skin from the Earth’s elements.

Load up on dark and colorful fruits and vegetables – especially ones that contain carotenoids and other powerful antioxidants. Include lots of healthy fats such as: nuts, seeds, coconut (in all forms), avocados, as well as microalgae and sea vegetables for the best omega fatty acids, and some saturated fatty acids.

Astaxanthin: This powerful carotenoid is the antioxidant that gives salmon it’s pink color. It is more powerful than Vitamin C, E, or CoQ10. It has the ability to protect skin from sun damage, and it also may be able to prevent damage to the DNA from exposure to UV rays!

Natural Sunscreens

With the awareness and knowledge of toxic chemicals and allergies in packaged sunscreens, more and more companies are seeking ways to fulfill the need for healthier alternatives. Make sure to read labels before buying!

You can also make your own natural sunscreen by buying your own ingredients and mixing them together. Use Google to find some recipes – just make sure they are from credible sources and contain no harmful chemicals!

In Sunmary
Summer is here, and it’s not going anywhere for at least a little while. Protect the skin you are in and indulge in these beautiful months ahead of us. We shouldn’t fear the sun and its harmful effects, but we should be taking precautions in order to make the best of our time soaking it up and taking advantage of its many health benefits!

Traditional sunscreens aren’t the only way to ward off sun damage and we have many natural resources at our disposal to not only help protect us from the sun, but that also offer additional benefits as well to our overall well-being and health.

So get to your local supermarket (or maybe even your own kitchen cupboards), grab yourself something off the list above and soak up the beautiful golden rays the naturally safe way this summer!

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