Water is absolutely critical to life

This is no secret. We can actually survive an inordinate amount of time without food (not that I am suggesting you put this too the test!) but when it comes to water, we really cannot keep going for very long without it.

These are indisputable facts.


We are always reading and hearing about the necessity to drink water consistently on a daily basis.

In terms of advice it is one of the true constants in the health and fitness industry.

However the guidelines and information we get on this seemingly simple sounding subject do seem to vary quite a bit.

So how much water should you drink a day?

We are told by many people that we should be drinking eight glasses of water a day. That is a very rough guideline as it can not apply to everyone. And how big is the glass?!

That guideline means someone who is 60kg will need to drink the same amount of water as someone who weighs 100 kilos? The answer is no.

And how about if one person’s diet is radically different to the others and one is far more physically active than the other?

There are just far too many variables and differentials to easily prescribe a universal or general water dosage.

So here is a formula that should go some way to helping…

The specifics

We should be drinking 33mls of water per kilo of your body weight per day.

That might sound rather painfully mathematical, so for all our sakes, lets keep things simple and round it to 30mls of water per kilo of your body weight.

I weigh 86 kg. On this basis, this is how I would calculate my water intake:

86 kg × 30 (ml) = 2580

Which means my target water intake per day will be 2.58 litres.

how much water should you drink a day_2Dehydration

Some trainers and fitness experts will tell you that you can include a cup of coffee or tea, which is about 250ml to your total daily water intake. It’s all liquid right? So it all counts!

I’m here to tell you this is wrong!

Because the fact is that these products contain caffeine which will dehydrate you. So you can see immediately that there is little logic to this theory!

In fact if you do enjoy and cup of tea or coffee here and there during your day, (and if you enjoy them, why shouldn’t you?) the truth is you should be drinking an extra cup of water for every coffee or tea you drink.

Maintain your water content

Water has many direct benefits including: skin maintenance, muscle energising, calorie consumption combating, body fluid balancing, healthy maintenance of kidneys and gastrointestinal tract.

And it shouldn’t be forgotten that when you are consuming a number of healthy foods you are also getting great water content.

This is particularly the case with the likes of: tomatoes, watercress, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, carrots and grapefruit.

Good quantities of healthy good and proper water intake will do wonders for you.

So please do all take a moment to calculate your personalised water intake, do your best to stick to it on a daily basis, stay active and enjoy a healthier you!

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