The purest salt

Himalayan natural salt is found in the mountain range that stretches across Asia passing through China, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and India.

The environment around this Pink Salt has kept it pristine. A combination of high pressure, lava, ice and snow has protected this nutrient from modern-day pollution, leading to the belief that Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest salt to be found.


Having been crystallised in the earth for over two hundred million years, the many hues of pink, red and white are an indication of this salt’s rich and varying mineral and energy-rich iron content.

It is now both hand-mined and extracted via explosive methods from the mountains, leading to a variety of grades of this natural crystal salt, being brought to the culinary market.

The negative effects of commercial salt

There have been many published stories about the negativities of commercial refined salt in our diet.

The food processing industry has been presenting us with refined denatured sodium chloride, stripped of all its minerals, cleaned, bleached and heated at unnecessary high temperatures, treated with chemicals then enriched with iodine, aluminium and other enhancements – known to us as table salt.

When consumed by humans, these added agents prevent the salt dissolving within our system leading to build up and then deposit in organs and tissue, causing severe health problems.

Natural salt

Natural salt is not a medicine but a food, a core essential to our body’s needs, much the same as clean water, fruits and vegetables are.

The qualities and abilities of this fundamental product in its original, organic, wholesome, unaltered, natural form make it one of the most efficient foodstuffs available today.

84 known synergistic elements are found in their bio-available state, with an ability to penetrate human cells.

Metabolic processes

Most metabolic processes in the body, work in perfect balance when the required quantity and quality of sodium or chloride ions are consumed.

himalayan salt benefits_2Himalayan natural salt, is a combination of major minerals; sulphate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium and fluoride.

If there is a lack of any of these basic minerals in our body systems, effective absorption or functioning can be affected.

Himalayan salt benefits

By making a simple change from table salt to a high quality natural Himalayan salt the benefits are said to be vast.

Here are a few:

– Create an electrolyte balance

– Detoxification for Heavy Metals

– Support Libido

– Reduce signs of Aging

– Increases hydration

– Regulate water content both inside and outside of cells

– Balance pH (alkaline/acidity) and help to reduce acid reflux

– Prevent muscle cramping

– Aid in proper metabolism functioning

– Strengthen bones

– Lower blood pressure

– Help the intestines absorb nutrients

– Prevent goitres

– Improve circulation

– Dissolve and eliminate sediment to remove toxins

Himalayan Crystallised salt can also be used as a detoxification salt bath, body scrub for smoother skin, rock salt lamps are used for purifying the air from pollution.

Many of my clients now use High Quality Himalayan Salt Crystals, because of the many therapeutic benefits to their mind and body. I am so grateful now that these amazing salt crystals are part of my everyday life and I hope you and your family will find huge rewards too.

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