Everything in our body is connected, which typically causes a chain reaction of events physically. The mind is in control of the body and tells the body how to react to certain stimuli happening within the body.

For example, have you ever been so stressed that you wake up with a jaw that is sore from grinding or clenching your teeth all night? This happens because your mind is tense, and involuntarily, causes a tense reaction to happen through the body.

Therefore, in order to have your body perform at an optimal level you need to give your brain the tools to keep your mind at ease and in control. By practicing these three tips, you can develop a healthy mind and body.


 The 3 steps

1) Find an exercise you enjoy doing

Let’s face it, doing anything we do not enjoy is only going to cause us to find an excuse not to do it, and when we are doing it, it will cause us  to think of only negative thoughts.

So why even bother? Find an exercise you enjoy doing, one that acts as an escape for you from anything that may be bothering you that day, where you can clear your mind. Studies show that the individuals who exercise 30 minutes a day for 5-7 days a week have much lower risk for mental health diseases such as depression and anxiety.

For even better effects head outdoors! Getting some fresh air and sunshine can help you feel more euphoric and can increase your creativity! Some great exercises you can do outside include, walking, running, hiking, kayaking, biking, swimming… and so many more!

Healthy mind and body-02

2) Eat a healthy well balanced diet

What you put in your body, simply put, effects what happens to your body. It has been linked that individuals suffering from certain mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD, and even Alzheimer’s consume more of processed foods then the individuals who report no problems.

It is also linked that individuals who have no issues with mental health consume more fruits and vegetables and foods that have omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids than the individuals who have mental health problems.

Therefore, make sure you are eating a variety of REAL food, meaning the ingredients are recognizable, there are many colors on your plate, and you’re not consuming any excess sugars.

Also, if you are noticing your mental health is not where it once was, try getting an allergy test. Certain foods you are eating can be causing a response in your body that, in turn, affects your mood.

3) Practice positive self-talk

This practice allows you easily reroute your thoughts from a negative to a positive. This is important especially in the fitness world because our biggest critic is ourselves. Instead of beating yourself up about not performing a lift as heavy as usual, rephrase the thoughts in your head to help you improve that lift.

For example, think about contracting the certain muscles you are working, engaging your abdominals and breathing. Or have a positive affirmation ready for you to use whenever a negative thought seems to be creeping in your mind. An affirmation can be any little phrase that helps reroute your thoughts and motivate you, examples include, “I’m doing this to get better and am stronger than I have been” or “your body is capable of many things, you can do this.”

Focusing on the positives will also enable you to build more confidence and improve self-esteem which is great for all aspects of life!By adapting healthy behaviors you can improve, not only your body physically, but improve your body mentally.

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