In a world where it seems there is always a new diet, workout program, exercise machine, super food, and trend to try to offer that “quick fix” for weight loss it may seem that no one is ever talking about how to stay healthy in the long term.

Well thankfully I have some good news! There are ways to create healthy habits that will keep you feeling great for years to come, and not one of them require you to pay x amount of dollars for x amount of payments!

Here are some ways to create healthy habits for life!


Set goals, all year long

When starting a health program it’s easier to set goals because every little goal is something new and exciting. Keep that enthusiasm up all year long to keep pushing you to the next level of fitness!

For example, if you love running, sign up for new races that you haven’t tried, maybe even try a new distance.

Or try something like adding an evening walk to your routine one time per week, anything to mix up your regular routine and keep your body guessing! You don’t have to stop once you reached your goal, always keep your eyes on a new prize!

-Hold yourself accountable

This goes hand and hand with setting new goals, as well as keeping you on track for your healthy lifestyle. Hold yourself accountable by documenting your journey in a fitness log, telling a friend, or even using social media!

The more people that know that your goals are to live a healthier life, the more you feel accountable to keep those reach those goals! You can also give yourself little rewards on your journey! If you reach a new goal, treat yourself to maybe a massage or a new workout outfit.

-Set yourself up for success

One commonality amongst most, if not all people who live a healthy lifestyle is their ability to plan ahead and set themselves up for success. Never leave your workouts to chance, plan for them!

Pack your gym clothes in your car for before or after you work, that way you won’t get distracted with other plans that may seem more important. If you’re going out of town and are not sure about access to a gym, pack your running shoes and a resistance band.

This way you can fit a workout in with no excuses. Never leave your food up to chance! Pack healthy snacks and/ or your own lunch to work and scout out the menu before you head out to dinner. This will help keep your willpower high and leave out any temptations.

You can also plan your meals ahead of time and keep prepped meals in the fridge all week!

You will find it’s a lot easier to just reheat, or eat that salad that is already made then fussing over making a dinner that is outside of your diet plan!

Lastly, never leave hydration up to chance! Always bring water with you wherever you go, you’ll not only never find yourself thirsty, but you’ll find yourself drinking more water which is great for every system in your body.

-Get in a routine

Let’s face it, humans love routine and we’re creatures of habit, so why not set a routine for your fitness and health?

The easiest way is to start looking at your workouts as appointments in your calendar, set time aside for them and make your other plans around those workouts. You can also book training sessions with a trainer.

This way those workout sessions truly are appointments and if you come or not you still will have to pay, so might as well get your money’s worth! Eventually you will naturally find yourself doing your workouts at those same times without even thinking about it.

-Think in colors

Have you ever seen fast food meals that weren’t a strange beige or brown color, with the only vibrant colors being the ketchup or one piece of lettuce under a bun? Well majority of the time the less color the meal on your plate is, the less good for you it is.

healthy habits for life_2

Your plate should be bright and colorful, full of variety of fruits and vegetables! If half your plate looks like a rainbow of natural foods, then chances are you’re on the right track to eating a balanced meal!

Use this tip when eating anywhere, keep the colors plentiful on your plate, and limit the amount of beige food.

(FYI this doesn’t necessarily account for grains and veggies that happen to be white and brown, I’m taking about the breaded and fried type foods.)

-Have fun

This is the MOST important part to maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Have fun with what you’re doing! Try new activities and incorporate all of them into your fitness routine! Love the gym?

Try new classes, do new weight lifting exercises, work with new equipment, keep it interesting! Love the outdoors? Try running, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, or simply take a new walking route to explore the city you live in.

There are so many different activities that you can do to keep your exercise routine from becoming boring and that will make you want to do!

By following the above tips you will be building healthy habits that can last for a lifetime!

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