In this forever changing world full of erratic emotions some days and calm cool collected ones the next, we must find a good balance of controlling our emotions for optimal health!

Our emotions are heightened the most when we feel love or the fear of

The divorce rate is right at 50% now and a lot of people don’t realize their own contributions to the messes they create until it’s too late.


A major reason for divorces these days are physical affairs and having what us experts consider “emotional affairs”, which are being strongly connected to someone on an emotional level in many ways but never actually physically cheating. Some people constitute emotional affairs as cheating, depending upon whom you ask.

How can we recover from having emotional affairs and get back on track to a healthy lifestyle and save our marriages, sanity, and keep our emotions stable?

Emotional affairs don’t allow us to be fully present with our long – term mates, husbands or even with someone we just met because we are emotionally attached to someone else and they often times consume our thoughts.

The best way to recover from this is to totally detach from the person we are having the “emotional affair” with. I suggest not having any contact with this person and to never see them or speak to them again.

You must find healthy ways to express yourself; such as writing in a journal, seek support groups, spiritual friends and be able to safely talk openly about your experiences.

getting over an emotional affair_2I also recommend doing a spiritual cleanse which means you can use things such as sage to clear negative energy fields, healing touch therapy and abstain from any sexual pleasure for at least a month to regain your emotional stability and be able to fully recover from not having any attachments with the person you had the “ emotional affair” with.

If this particular person purchased you any items I highly recommend you donating all items or throwing them away so the items don’t bring up a positive or negative emotion for you when you see them in your presence.

Lastly, grieving the loss of someone you once felt close to typically puts us through many stages such as feelings of sadness, then sometimes being angry at yourself for getting involved, possibly anger towards your current mate for not showing you enough affection, which is one of the number one reasons couples entertain “emotional affairs” and feeling inadequate and to come to terms knowing all of these emotions are ok and normal.

The best way to take care of ourselves and get over an emotional affair is to truly repent and take care of ourselves in the best ways that work well for us to heal.

You can do this and ask for forgiveness from your mate and begin to move forward with your life together if they are willing to forgive and forget.

If they are not, then you take the necessary steps to end the marriage or relationship in the best ways possible for everyone involved. Be gentle with yourself and your mate and don’t give up, if they are willing to not give up.

Life can be difficult and people make mistakes.

Hopefully, you will learn from the mistakes and do better in the future for your successful emotional health.

Remember, you always have a choice, so I encourage you to make wise ones!!

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