Let me say right at the outset this isn’t going to be the sexiest article you have ever read

In fact it might just be the least sexy 800 words you have ever encountered.

Now I’ve got the disclaimer out of the way I will plunge into something that is perhaps rather grubby but nevertheless I believe important.


Something that is perhaps rather grubby but important

Being something of a health enthusiast I like to know about any natural ways that we can apply to re-balance our body. By natural I mean untreated and not in tablet form. Something had been pulling at my curiosity lately though and I was obliged to compromise my standards on all things natural.

Since running some very healthy group fat loss regimes (and getting superb results) there has been that human desire to want more and raise the bar even higher to achieve ever greater benefits. I wanted to manage a deeper and dirtier issue that apparently resides deep within our intestines – Mucoid Plaque.

This was something that I’d read about after meeting someone who’d undergone a ‘purge’ for cleanliness. Admittedly it was a deviation from my usual puritanical, Naturapath sources but after seeing some grim pictures I realised this stuff had to be expelled.

So what is it?

It’s best described as a rubbery, foul smelling, faeces bound, lengthy strip of intestinal rubbish that lines the large intestines wall, without budging. It is meant to be a result of bad habits, refined food and a lifetime of dairy produce. As a consequence of long-term residency in the intestine, it is supposed to be a fine breeding ground for bacteria of all the wrong types.

It all sounds a bit grim. So ‘better out than in’ as the say! This purging procedure requires a very limited diet for a couple of days followed by a fast of five days. Only not a fast as we know it, but of one interrupted by a herbal cocktail mixed into freshly juiced apples, five times a day.

It gets expensive juicing 20 apples a day

Even though cheaper than a normal day of food intake, the main cost is the herbal kit itself. These vary from £80 to £200. As some wouldn’t put a price on their beauty needs, I decided to put this down as a research necessity.

Fasting requires good organisation and picking the right days where low energy output is important. A tricky find in itself when being a trainer is your job! Still with days fixed and the natural herb mix tablets lined up, the process began.

A digestive absorber accompanies the tablets. This is in powder form which when mixed with apple juice is designed to expand, loosen and finally clear up the lining of plaque on the intestines. Things start moving quite quickly; the bowels emptied out and felt much lighter and by day two there was already very significant evidence of the mucoid plaque!

Wait, this isn’t right

Alarm bells rang however when after each portion of powder and juice, brought on a swollen and rather gurgly abdomen followed by more and more of this new age cleanse.

Since the large intestines are only 5 feet long, for how long could this continue? And apart from being extremely unattractive, this substance wasn’t vile smelling but odourless. Could it be that the potion itself was creating the very condition it promised to cure?

Further investigation at a sophisticated level unravelled some deceptive and disappointing findings; Mix in the powder with the apple juice in a teacup, leave it a couple of hours and watch what happens. A slimy gloop forms, one which with a bit of digestive acids and a small amount of bowel action would be exactly the snake of mucoid plaque we’re trying to expel.

what is mucoid plaqueSo what is this ‘herbal’ mix?

This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and whilst there will still be some genuine legitimate colon cleansing kit suppliers, there are others with less of a conscience and perhaps more of an eye on exploiting what is potentially a gullible market. Anything from clay and wax to silicone, titanium dioxide and cyanide might be found in the cocktail, all to get the desired ‘snake’ effect.

Having a keen interest in hygienic living and, as an extension of that, intestinal activity – there’s no denying that there can be bits of old faeces that don’t pass the colon and any colonic irrigation would demonstrate that.

But mucoid plaque? Is it only those who take the course of products to get rid of it who have it? And if not then why after millions of endoscopies, do gastroenterologists never encounter this, nor do pathologists during autopsies?

So after this exercise in exploration and burning good money de-toxing from the latest poisoning de-tox, I think it is time to get the juicer out and start from fresh with good and honest materials – fruit and vegetables!

So what do we learn from this?

I’m certainly not a conspiracy theorist or even a natural cynic, but I am mindful that the world of health and fitness, and even medicine, houses vast room for bluff, exploitation, definitive sounding ‘research’, clever persuasion and all manner of marketing influence to lead us down many futile paths.

So many cost us good money and a disturbing number are little more than one way dead ends. We just have to be mindful of this and apply balanced, considered opinion and ask a few questions and do a bit or research when we can.

And maybe the saddest thing about all of this is not the actual willful misguiding of people to make a quick buck- it’s not really the annoyance of seeing my money going down the toilet (literally on this occasion!), it is the effect it has more widely. In the fitness profession we are always battling the tide of people out there who look for every tiny spurious reason not to adopt a healthier lifestyle, take up some exercise or look after themselves properly. They volubly validate their opinions and lifestyle choices by pointing to healthy  people who died whilst jogging or exposes of fitness cons, whilst talking of friends or relatives who smoked loads all their lies whilst drinking a bottle of spirits a day for 45 years and living to the age of 93. And unfortunately there are always others out there eager to hear this message. This does none of us any favours at all…

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