I’ve always had a keen eye on what I eat. Is it healthy, is it raw, is it acidic or alkaline or is it just damn good and I’ll two servings please?

The actions may not always configure with the considered thought, but generally the food consumed is properly pondered.

Then there’s medicine… unless I’m held down with my arms in a full nelson or strapped to a surgeon’s table (which I been – not the full nelson, but the straps. A bit much, it must just be Swiss procedure) for an emergency operation and dreamy anaesthetic, I’ll decline medicine, chemicals and even the mildest of cough sweets when I can.


Cosmetic changes

Yet hypocrite that I am, I like my ‘slap’.

I’ll put body lotions on, wear make up and highlight my hair. And these aren’t all exactly organic – certainly not the make up. I’ve not taken to the Alice Cooper look that tends to emerge after two hours of wearing natural, nature’s friend, organic eye make up.

Of course, these are all toxins, poisons and killer substances and should probably be saved for another time, like when we’re all made up to look presentable in our coffins.

function of the skin_2

Surrounded by toxins

But wherever we look, we are bombarded with toxins, even if it’s driving or sitting quietly in our own home.

Own home, surely not?

Consider something you can’t see, can’t smell, can’t hear and probably pay a good few quid for every month – your wi-fi. And other members of this family.

Yes all that stuff makes geopathic stress like nothing before – a stress that you don’t recognize easily but is insidious and manifests itself in bad sleep, depression and sickness. How’s this for a scare?

Though somehow we’re still here, living and breathing through our smoke free countries and living much longer than before. Maybe not with quality and balance, but we’re still standing.

The function of the skin

The part I don’t understand is that in my Physiology and Anatomy training, I learnt that the skin was our ‘largest organ and acts as a waterproof to protect us and our insides from harsh substances’.

Since nature is normally right in what it’s doing before we come along and muddle things, how can the skin absorb these products? They can lay on top, act as a coverage but aren’t they all a veneer?

First line of defence

Which is why of course, to make it absorb what we want we go against what nature intended and pierce the skin, jab it so that a vaccination and other medicines can be absorbed into the system.

function of the skin_4So it would seem the creams and pretty things that we buy by the gallons throughout a lifetime, actually don’t get past the skin very far, and not as far as the manufacturers would like us to believe.

In fact any cream that we rub onto a wound isn’t what the body likes and it will do its best to reject and protect.

So that thin outer layer we largely take for granted – or curse when it announces another spot – is our critical first line of defence and quite possibly the hardest working organ of all.

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