I had a fried breakfast today with a good friend of mine in our favorite local cafe. And it was great!

Get your day off to a good start

Most of you will be aware of the importance of a good start to your day where food is concerned. And as a jobbing fitness instructor, I know I need fuel in my tank to get through my classes and sessions that are all lined up and ready to go.


My mate works at the local marina, so his very active and physical day also means he needs a lot of energy. 

As we sat happily eating our food, a local office worker arrived to order her brunch. She said hello and then sneered at our menu choice.

“Crikey, a fry up, didn’t think you would be eating that,” she commented.

My friend laughed and asked what she was ordering

A nice chicken salad roll,” she smugly replied.

Really,” I offered, “That can be just as bad for you,”

I don’t think so,” she countered, “I’ve lost 12 kilos this year and I’m making sure it stays off.

Well done,” I said,”But you need to keep an eye on what you think is good food.”

Our exchange was frosted to say the least, the first thing that annoyed me was her contempt for what I was eating, and her smugness at her own food choice.

A fitness instructors should only eat ‘good food’

The assumption that fitness instructors should only eat what other people perceive to be good food is a constant bug bear with me.

I work very closely with a food scientist, and I like to think that I know slightly more than the average person about nutrition and diet, it’s property’s and more importantly, what I should be eating to sustain my schedule.

I certainly never watch what other people are ordering and pass judgement on it.

My breakfast consisted of bacon, no fat, beans, scrambled egg and a potato scone. Calorie-wise it came to roughly 480 calories.

I like the cafe that we choose to eat in as everything is shallow fried or grilled. So as you can see – this is far from the ‘evil’ breakfast choice it might appear!

A hearty breakfast, a lighter lunch and small dinner

I have a fried breakfast around once a fortnight. I find that a good start to the day makes a difference to me as I go about my work.

Bear in mind that I am often teaching around six fitness classes a day.

The eggs make me feel full, and less likely to snack during the day. The beans are a good source of fibre and are good for my digestive system. The bacon is another hunger burster, and lean bacon with no fat can be as little as 50 calories a rasher.

So it’s easy to see why a good breakfast can be important for someone with a physically demanding job.

fry up_2Now the chicken roll option sounds like it should be much healthier.

However, if we break down what goes in the roll, it doesn’t sound quite as respectable.

The ‘healthier’ option

– Depending on the size of the roll, calorie-wise you could be looking at 200 calories in the roll alone.

– Now add the butter or spread to that, bear in mind we are in a high street cafe and your total rises depending on how much spread they use, but a single serving could come in at another 50 calories.

– Now add your chicken, and bear in mind in a chicken salad roll you have no idea how they have prepared and sourced that chicken, and you start to see how your “healthy” choice may be misleading.

– Add a smattering of tomato, lettuce, onion and whatever else goes in that roll, and convince yourself that it’s all good.

However, studies show lettuce can be hard to digest, and further research has shown that people that suffer from IBS are often told to cut down on their raw veg, such as tomato and lettuce.

Add the bloating effect we get from modern bread based products, and don’t even mention the hazards of dressings and mayonnaise, and you start to see that food snobbery often goes hand in hand with ignorance and lack of research.

We all make our own choices

Personally, I don’t eat bread or pasta at all anymore. But that’s just me.

So now it seems that bacon and sausage have been linked to cancer, the nation’s butchers are up in arms about the research, and we all have to look again at what we are eating.

But do me a favour, I don’t judge anyone by what they eat and I certainly don’t expect to be judged in the same way.

My occasional breakfast choice may not be to your taste, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Fitness instructors are only human, and we sweat for every penny we make.

Enjoy your roll and move on.

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