In yesterday’s Part 1 I started to look at the Fight or Flight response that is naturally deeply imbedded within us all, how it works and the purpose it serves. Here I’ll tell you about what happens when we get stuck in this mode at unecessary times or on an on-going basis…

Still awake

As the sun is rising, you realize you have barely slept during the night and your senses are still on alert. Your life has become so busy that your mind senses the idea of a black and white tiger prowling up behind you.


The mind really believes that it’s the tiger prowling nearby, ready to rip through the front door of your home.

In a sense you are cautious to even take a peek outside, as the thought of an attack is still rousing your brain.  You decide to not look, so you stay inside…still in panic mode. This is what happens when we disregard the symptoms of stress.

The effects

Many people live a life similar to this panic mode.

The Autonomic Nervous System views any stressful situation, such as prolonged chronic illness, stressful job, abusive and negative people, or your own toxic thoughts. Or maybe you grew up in a state of needing to “be on guard.”

And this has been your “reaction” to many experiences in life since.

Now, if you remain stressed for months or even years, and your perceptions of any threat such as an illness, pain, abuse or toxic thoughts continued for years, your nervous system would be overloaded with rigged wiring, ready to break at any moment.

Your system would be operating as though you were still being chased by the tiger, ready for attack ALL the time.

This just cannot be sustained without it having a detrimental impact on body and mind.

– Your heart rate would remain high. Because many other things are happening to your system, your heart begins skipping beats or pulsating to compensate for the lack of energy.

– The food you eat ends up in chunks in your bowel movements, partly because the sympathetic nervous system has taken over your gut, allowing minimal digestion.

– You always have to urinate, causing mineral/electrolyte imbalances to be off kilter, thus causing brain fog.

– Your colon is plugged up most of the time.

– Your muscles are wound up like pretzels, causing inflammation, thus pain.

– Your eyes at this point cannot handle anything but dim lights, too much stimulus is disaster for the nervous system at this time.

– You have now become sensitive to electromagnetic energy, including others’ energy.

By this time your thyroid is under tremendous strain and develops too much T3, thus keeps your body from too much TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone).

fight or flight_2

Also, your adrenal glands begin to produce large amounts of cortisol to keep up with the energy demand, thus anxiety and panic are streaming at extreme miles per hour.  However, you have no idea why you have anxiety and can’t sleep.

Your cells become stagnant regarding your hormones or sugar (glucose), since you have become so tired that just sitting there has become your new past time. You hope for something to change, (illness, pain etc.) but do nothing about it, at least for a while.

You keep pursuing the same methods as always, and you will get the same results you always have.

Now you can’t sleep due to your over stimulated system and the fear of an attack. 

You sleep fine during the day because you feel safer – nothing is likely to attack during the light hours.  However, you are still stuck in this biochemical frenzy.

All of these symptoms are not individual and of themselves.  They are all connected.  It’s not just one part of the body that gets attacked, it becomes a domino effect.

The Doctor’s surgery

Now, you go to the Medical Practitioner who gives you a red pill for constipation, a blue pill for indigestion, orange pills for the heart, pink pill for anxiety, purple pill for depression, yellow for relaxation, white pill for thyroid hormones, green pill for blood sugar, etc.

Now your body has to deal with all the toxins from all the medications.  By the way, none of these medications are treating the underlying cause of your situation.

Medications treat symptoms, they do not heal.

You feel normal taking your thyroid hormones, but these medications were only meant for a short time.  Eventually you will need a stronger dose until they don’t help at all.



It’s sad to say, but this is where a high percentage of the population actually finds itself.  The tiger is the chronic illness.  The nervous system (autonomic) is triggered by stress. Stress can be structural, biochemical, mental/emotional (highest trigger), and environmental/bioenergetic stress.

Any stress places strain on every part of the body, mind and spirit.  The body is connected just like a spider web.  One part affects another, move one joint out of place and the entire body is off balance…always!


Authentic healing most assuredly comes when the Autonomic Nervous System is put back together, and the Sympathetic Nervous System is calmed.

Most medical professionals will convince you that no one has a cure for your symptoms, and that you should just continue taking their pharmaceutical drugs for life… This is the furthest from the truth.

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